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Samsung's See-Through Truck

posted on Jul 21 2015 by Kiri Nowak

Samsung's See-Through Truck

It can be very frustrating following a lorry on a long country road, and even on the motorway. HGV’s have lots of problems with cars trying to get around them, unfortunately sometimes unsuccessfully. Automotive manufacturers are constantly trying to find ways to make HGV’s safer, and Samsung might have come up with a clever solution.

See through trucks

Samsung have come up with an invention that perhaps should have been invented years ago. Some other companies have taken a stab at see-through technology, including Land Rover's transparent bonnet and mini’s augmented reality glasses. Samsung have now made an attempt to bring see-through technology to HGV’s.

This smart technology enables you to literally see-through a lorry, so you know whether it is safe to overtake and if there are any obstacles ahead of the lorry. This enables drivers to check the road before they make the potentially risky manoeuvre of overtaking.

samsung truck see-through

Image courtesy of Digital Agency Network. 

How does it work?

A small camera is placed on the front of the vehicle, which records a live feed of what is going on in front of the lorry. This feed is then displayed on the back of the truck so that any cars following behind can clearly see it. The screen still works at nighttime when daylight has faded as it has a special night mode.  

Currently some vehicles have parking cameras, so that drivers have a live feed of what is behind their car and they can park more easily. This is a similar concept, although it is only used for parking on your own vehicle, rather than to see what is in front of another vehicle.

What are their advantages?

See-through cameras have many advantages for drivers following trucks. Their main advantage is that they help you see when it’s safe to overtake. They can also prevent accidents from sudden breaking because you can see why they might break in advance. For example, if a pedestrian or animal runs into the road you will see it in advance.

Are these trucks available now?

No, you cannot purchase a see-through truck as of yet. The model shown in the videos is just a prototype. Samsung were just looking to prove that the technology works and that it can potentially save a lot of lives. However, it is said to be very expensive and Samsung might need government support to make these trucks widely available. Samsung say ‘The next step is to perform the corresponding tests in order to comply with the existing national protocols and obtain the necessary permits and approvals.’

Will we need see-through technology if we have autonomous cars?

Some people argue that see-through technology may not be necessary when autonomous cars are on the roads. This is because the cars will be able to identify other obstacles and vehicles around them anyway. However, driverless cars would need to be extremely advanced before it’s possible to have very little human impact.