Safety Features for All from Volkswagen

posted on Aug 29 2013 by Jon Bardill

Safety Features for All from Volkswagen

Even wizened old drivers who have been on the road for decades will admit that safety advances in motoring have been rather impressive in recent years. Manufacturers have introduced a swathe of improvements designed not only to make driving easier but to make it far safer as well. Recent developments within the Volkswagen group have made things even better, and not just for the wealthier owners. 


The company have decided to include various safety innovations on all of its cars in the coming years, so Joe Bloggs in his Up! (silly name) or his Polo (sensible name) will feel just as comfortable, just as worthy and just as loved as Lord Bufton-Tufton in his top of the range Touareg or his all-singing all-dancing Phaeton. This living, breathing example of democracy at work is pretty ground-breaking in its own way, so let's hope it's a success.

One of the many technologies to be made available across the range will be Park Assist 3.0, an automatic parking utility that will enable cars to be parked in gaps that are exceptionally tight, hopefully leading to an end to those annoying little scrapes and dents that could and should have been avoided in the first place. You never know, the supermarket car park may become a far more pleasant place in which to leave your pride and joy.

Volkswagen Safety for all

Staying on course for a safer journey

Out on the roads, one of the biggest causes of accidents on dual carriageways and motorways is the drivers failure to remain within the allotted lane. Either because the motorist falls asleep or is suddenly taken ill, the car could veer into the path of traffic and create a serious incident. Volkswagen have a system which reduces the chances of an impact, and soon its going to be available on every one of their cars.

If the Lane Departure System is activated, an audible warning will sound and if necessary will apply the brakes. In most cases, the vehicle will be brought to a halt safely and the hazard warning lights will be switched on to warn other road users. And to give the driver a greater chance of surviving any potential impact, the seatbelt will be tightened automatically. Clever stuff.

VW Golf

Even the way the VW interprets the road conditions will change soon. Their Car2X communication system will receive information about breakdowns, road works and accidents and warn the driver about potential problems and delays. In some cases, it may be too late to do anything about it, or there may not be a viable alternative, but its good to know that theres a chance you could be one of the lucky ones who doesnt have to sit in a tailback listening to Chris Evans and wishing youd used the loo before you left home. Well done, Volkswagen, power to the people