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Revolutionary 5-door MINI Revealed

posted on Jun 05 2014 by Kiri Nowak

Revolutionary 5-door MINI Revealed

This is a big moment in the history of the MINI. It’s a car that has always had a reputation for being small and compact but now the rules have been broken and a 5-door model is due for release.

Drivers who previously considered a mini but ruled it out due to a lack of space will now be tempted to purchase this new roomy model. It’s a practical model that will be suited to families and people who want a little more from the MINI.  To look at prices to lease a MINI follow this link.

It has a larger boot, longer wheelbase, 15mm more headroom and 72mm extra legroom. This model also has three seats in the back which previously hasn’t been an option. It’s a car that will rival other models in its class such as the VW Golf.

Traditional MINI fans might have something to say about it though, as there are concerns that the true spirit of the MINI is fading into the background. The three-door model has a very specific look and feel; its smaller size looks more authentic and suits the style of the MINI.

However, this new 5-door model is supposed to deliver a similar driving experience to its predecessors. It uses the same engines and has all the features expected from a MINI such as the round headlamps, bulbous rear lights and hexagonal grille. The main difference being it is a bigger car. This model is 11mm taller and 161mm longer.

This new model doesn’t match up when it comes to style, it loses the go kart feel and appears to be a little frumpy looking. With that said, at the end of the day it is still a MINI, so if you don’t mind the change in appearance you will benefit from the extra space and new features.

The fastest model in the new 5-door range can reach 0 to 62mph in 6.9 seconds. This model will be available in petrol and diesel variations, with a choice between 1.5 and 2 litre engines depending on which specification you choose.

With previous models in the range fuel economy has been a drawback. Some of the earlier models weren’t exactly economical, costing owners a lot of money in fuel. The new 5-door version will vary in fuel economy from 47.9mpg to 78mpg. Those who are looking for a fuel efficient model will be satisfied with a very reasonable 78mpg.

This car is predicted to do well in safety testing. MINI hopes that the car will achieve a five-star rating from Euro NCAP when it gets put to the test. The car is expected to have a tyre-pressure warning, size airbags and some sort of system for protecting pedestrians upon impact.

The new model should also have Intelligence Emergency Calling as an option. In the event of an accident this intelligent system automatically detects the vehicle’s location, the severity of the crash and contacts a call centre for help.  In comparison to the new 5-door models safety credentials, the MINI cooper 2007 received a five star safety rating for adults, three stars for children and two stars for pedestrians according to Euro NCAP.

Having owned a MINI in the past myself this new car doesn’t have the same appeal as the three-door hatchback. I absolutely adored the look and feel of my trusty MINI One. However, fuel economy, leg room and boot space were definite drawbacks.

If I was thinking of getting a new MINI I would have to at least consider this model due to its practicality.  As long as MINI don’t change their models beyond recognition and retain the charming 3-door hatchback in their range I’m happy.

MINI 5 door boot space

There isn’t any official information on pricing but there is speculation that it will cost £1,000 more than a standard hatchback. This model is expected to go on sale this autumn.

What are people saying about the new 5-door model? ‘In terms of design, there’s little to choose between the 5-door and the 3-door, but the new 5-door does look a bit like the off-spring of the new MINI and the Countryman; just a little dumpy.’ ‘The new car is said to be just as much fun to drive as the smaller three door, and uses the same engines, but is much bigger inside.’ ‘Second body variant of the new third generation MINI; consistent expansion of the model program with the addition of the MINI 5 door creates new opportunities for the brand’s signature driving fun; first time the British premium brand is represented with a 5 door model in the small car segment.’ ‘Designers have tried to keep the MINI three-door’s recognizable looks intact but it’s difficult to hide the fact this larger model just looks a little more dumpy. In profile, it’s almost like a lowered Countryman.’ ‘The new Mini model shares its front-wheel drive mechanical package with the latest three-door Mini Cooper hatchback launched earlier this year but aims to provide more everyday practicality than its popular sibling through a combination of extended external dimensions and a pair of stubby rear doors.’ ‘Appearance wise, Mini's designers attempted to integrate the extra pair of doors without ruining the 3-door model's familiar looks. From these pictures, at least, the only issue stems from the small length of the rear doors compared to the front ones.’ ‘MINI's famed go-kart feeling on the road is guaranteed thanks to a model-specific version of the refined suspension technology.’ ‘True, this is not exactly a revelation for the small car segment. But it's the first time BMW has cut rear doors into its beloved Mini hatch - the bloaty Countryman, of course, being a different thing entirely. And considering five-door hatchbacks outsell their three-door equivalents by three to one in the UK, this could be quite a lucrative move for the brand.’