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Renault Wind coupe-roadster - Looks like a lotus Elise!

posted on Feb 03 2010 by Kyle McWilton

Renault Wind coupe-roadster - Looks like a lotus Elise!

It's been a while now but the 'Wowing the crowds' hackney language motor show clich is to be used again this year as Renault might just have given it new life with this, the Wind coup-roadster - bound for the Geneva Motor Show in March.

The Renault Wind may have a slightly unfortunate name yet it looks like a breath of fresh air. It seems very much like Renault has built itself a Lotus Elise - but the Wind is intended as an everyday car rather than a sportscar; both practical and, we're promised, affordable. We know only three concrete details so far. Its 3.83m length, its 270-litre boot capacity, and the time it takes the roof to go from open to closed: just 12 seconds. Beyond the fab looks - and the sheer fact of its existence at all - the most exciting thing about the Wind is that roof mechanism.

This is a coup-convertible with a difference. As soon as the prices have been revelaed we will be able to advertise a contract hire and leasing price so keep checking back with us. Alternatively you can visit our contract hire and leasing website and whilst you are there take a few minutes to check out all out latest contract hire and leasing deals.