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£186 Renault Megane Expression 1.5DCI 86BHP Coupe

posted on Feb 02 2010 by Jade Hensby

Starting at just £186 + VAT pcm this is a stunning looking coupe and its a diesel so you wont spend the earth on fuel either, its an all round winner!!!

Hot on the heels of the five-door hatch comes Renault's Megane Coupe. A three-door version that emphasises its 'sportier' nature - in the vein of the Astra Sport Hatch and Seat Ibiza SC - Renault is attempting to differentiate the coupe from the hatch by giving it a style and character of its own. Has it worked On the basis of its looks, most definitely. The Coupe benefits from a much sleeker, lower profile than the five-door hatch.

It's design is better defined, with silver highlights around the front air intakes and a curvy rear that still manages to retain some attributes of the previous 'ass-shaking' Megane. This is a good-looking car, there's little doubt about that. The interior is as modern-Renault as you can get, which is fast becoming a positive description. The instrument display is simple and easy to read - the large LCD speedo does feel a tad dated, however - while the dash and centre console are made from high-quality, soft-touch plastics. Sculpted seats and switchgear are also imported from the more expensive Laguna.

The Megane Coupe is a stunning-looking car and will certainly attract appreciative glances while you're out and about. To learn more about this Renault Megane Expression 1.5DCI 86BHP Coupe , all other Renaults on special offer and every ccontract hire and leasing deals we have to offer, see our latest Renault lease deals here.