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£238 - PRICE DROP - Renault Koleos DYNAMIQUE 2.0DCI 150BHP 2WD

posted on Sep 01 2008 by Kyle McWilton

We have slashed £30 per month off the normal contract hire rate for the month of September. This Renault Koleos DYNAMIQUE 2.0DCI 150BHP 2WD based on a contract hire lease over 3 years 3+35, for only £238. This leasing offer is available for Business users only for the month of September. For more details please contact the Car Leasing team on 01273 789 900.

Citroen and Peugeot were clever, well at the time they thought they were. They recognised they had lack of experience and leapfrogged the traditional slow bit of the learning curve by rebadging the talented Mitsubishi Outlander. Renault on the other hand has taken an equally innovative approach to ensure when that its all-new Koleos is not a dud.

The French car maker phoned a friend - Nissan. In simple terms, think of the new Koleos as a reclothed Nissan X-Trail. Renault did the design work, Nissan developed it and, curiously, a factory in Korea builds it. Under the skin the Koleos is pure X-Trail, boasting the same clever 'all mode 4x4i' hardware that we praised in the Nissan. Unlike the Nissan there will not be a petrol alternative and the French firm will offer a two-wheel-drive-only version. Both quality and reliability have been a top priority for engineers in developing the Koleos.

Renault says the substantial investment the firm has made in boosting the quality and durability of all of its products will soon pay off and that customers will soon see a substantial improvement in independent surveys, with or without the Japanese firm's help. Where quality concerns, it's already easy to see the advances made. Like the Laguna, interior plastics now convince and even after driving continuously on poorly surfaced and rough dirt tracks the Koleos didn't even utter the slightest rattle. Based on the Nissan X-Trail's competent and talented underpinnings the Koleos gets a sporting head start since we've already praised the Nissan 4x4 for being more than competent both on the asphalt and in the dirt.

Renault makes no bones about what it expects the Koleos to score in the forthcoming euro NCAP test expecting nothing less than full, or class-best results in every aspect of the rigorous testing. As far as security is concerned the Koleos, like other Renault cars, comes with auto door locking and an approved alarm and immobiliser as standard.