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Project CARS Preview

posted on Jan 05 2015 by Gabe Grover

Project CARS Preview


2014 has been a great year for driving games. Whether it be Forza Horizon 2’s stunning graphics, The Crew’s huge open world or DriveClub’s social integration, avid gamers and amateurs alike have been spoilt for choice.

But as some may know, many of the driving games released this year have been lacking in the departments which they most strongly advertised; Driveclub’s social integration was immediately broken on release date, meaning that the majority of the features players bought the game for were unavailable, Driveclub’s developers were also ridden with frustrations of infrastructure stability, meaning that owners of Sony’s Playstation 4 were not gifted with the free version of the game in October, even after nearly a year of delays. 
The Crew’s open world, although immense, left players wanting more detailed environments and more varied and interesting activities to participate in.

What is there to look forward to for the next 12 months? For the time being only one multiplatform racer is on it’s way, but it has been worth every delay and disruption that has tormented this release.

Project Cars (Community Assisted Racing Simulator), is different to every racing game we saw last year, and not only is it unparalleled in terms of aesthetics, the unprecedented range of automobiles at the drivers disposal is simply astonishing.
When Project Cars is released later this month, players will be able to choose from a selection of over 100 cars, which are each divided into one of 8 categories Specifically:

·      Track cars

·      Road Cars

·      GT

·      Touring

·      American Stock

·      Open Wheel

·      Kart

·      Prototype

Within these 8 categories are cars like the absurd Ariel Atom V8, which reaches 60 in 2.3 seconds, or the exotic Pagani Zonda that the majority of us yearn for. Any car enthusiast, no matter what taste they may have will find a car they love in this game.

Another aspect in which Project CARS excels in are the beautifully detailed body models of each car; and not only can you play in first and third person, there is also a cockpit view at the players disposal that allows the driver to feel as though they are placed in the seat of the car they’re driving; and this surreally immersive experience is of course exacerbated by driving game accessories.
PlaySeat have perhaps the best driving game equipment on the market.
The ThrustMaster T80 Wheel is brilliant and their Evolution gaming chair, although a tad pricey, is worth every penny.

Yet we can only imagine how fantastic this game will be once the first ever consumer available Virtual Reality Headsets like Sony’s Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift, which was recently bought by Facebook for £1 Billion.

Project CARS will be available to owners of both next gen consoles, (Xbox One and Playstation 4) along with owners of Microsoft computers in March 2014.
Although it should be stressed that due to this game’s sheer demand for power, it will most probably at high settings, (this game was built to be played on high settings) on a high end gaming computer, but may be playable on any general PC.