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Police Spend £18 million on Luxury Unmarked Vehicles

posted on Feb 21 2014 by Jade Hensby

Police Spend £18 million on Luxury Unmarked Vehicles

Police in Britain spend millions of taxpayer’s money on fleets of unmarked cars including Audis, BMWs and Jaguars, and that’s just the officers and administrative staff.

The Freedom of Information have revealed that the West midlands Police were the biggest spenders, and had spent more than £4 million on undercover cars in the last three years. Their fleet included a Jaguar XF 4 and an Audi A6. Both of these vehicles cost more than £30,000 when purchased new.

The Surrey Police were the second biggest spenders, after buying a range of cars that totalled £1,8615,857. Included in the range of cars were BMWs and Audis again, proving to be some of the most popular choices amongst the police force.

Matthew Sinclair, the Chief Executive of the TaxPayer’s Alliance said “the police budget should be spent fighting crime, not on swanky motors for chief constables...forces need performance cars for undercover work, but that’s not a reason to buy them for those spending their life behind a desk”.

However, Andy Kelly, West Midlands Police Head of Fleet Services said “when we buy vehicles we are required to follow Home Office vehicle acquisition frameworks, which are in place nationally...vehicles are put forward for consideration then assessed on ‘fitness for purpose’ and cost effectiveness. Following this process, awards are then made to the manufacturers”.

According to Surrey Police, both Surrey and Sussex have set up a Joint Transport Service to combine their vehicle fleets. This is said to pool resources, reduce the overall number of vehicles for a given role, reduce the amount of capital spending that is required, and result in an effective and sustainable transport service for both forces.