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Petrol and diesel prices continue to rise - future view

posted on Jan 11 2017 by Keith Langford

Petrol and diesel prices continue to rise - future view

At some point in the future, the Earth's oil reserves are going to run out and a long time before that happens petrol and diesel are likely to get a lot more expensive than they are at the present time.

Now, it could be that by the time the worst comes to the worst we'll all be floating around in anti-gravity vehicles powered by sunlight, or maybe the world as we know it will have been wiped out by a giant meteorite with all our names on it. But there's a decent chance that at some point we'll need an alternative to our old friend the internal combustion engine.

Vauxhall's parent company General Motors are certainly of the opinion that the popularity of petrol and diesel powered vehicles will wane eventually. That's why they've ploughed millions into developing the Hy-wire, a fully-functioning concept car powered by fuel-cell technology. The 'Hy' part of its name stands for the Hydrogen Fuel Cells that create electricity through a complex chemical reaction (one that I couldn't go into if I wanted to) and send a steady stream of 94 kilowatts to a motor that drives the front wheels.

The 'wire' bit refers to the by-WIRE technology that electronically controls the various functions within the vehicle. Inside, the Hy-wire resembles a greenhouse on wheels, with expansive glass areas at every turn and all the mechanics of the vehicle out of the way under the cabin floor.

Braking and accelerating are achieved by squeezing or twisting the handgrips respectively, which also tilt up and down for steering. The vehicle certainly looks the part and, who knows, you might see something similar at your local dealership sooner than you think.