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Our Favourite Driving Companion Apps

posted on Nov 18 2014 by Gabe Grover

Our Favourite Driving Companion Apps

Since the introduction of Smartphone’s, applications have become essential in our everyday lives. People are beginning to use their phones instead of road maps and satnavs. There are countless apps available for both IOS and Android devices that can make your driving experience more pleasurable and facilitated, and we’ve made a list of 5 of our favourites.

AA Eco Drive (Free):

Economical driving is becoming more and more crucial. As fuel prices continue to increase and cars become  more and more focused on economy, drivers are turning to other ways of making their fuel go the extra mile. AA’s Eco Drive app offers a fantastic, fun way in which you can analyse and improve your driving style and behaviour.
After choosing the right car model for you, the Eco Drive app will track your journey, analyse the data produced by your driving and, through a fun challenge based system the app is said to save you an average of 10-20% on fuel bills.

Honk (0.69p):

These days there are countless apps available that are said to help you find your parked car; but none of them provide as much of a personalised experience as ‘Honk’ for IOS and Android.  Honk automatically drops a pin on the map when you create a reminder, but again, every other app that competes with Honk does that as well. Where Honk thrives is through its human, comprehensive way of helping you remember where you parked your car. You can scribble a memo on a picture you took of the place you parked your car, and you can even set reminders for when your parking ticket is due to run out. Honk offers cross-compatibility between iDevices, for example, say you’ve left your phone on your desk and think a parking warden is fast approaching, you can see how long is left on the timer you set on your phone on your iPad, iPod or Mac.

WhatGas (Free):

As mentioned before, fuel prices have, for the past decade, been increasing exponentially, especially in the UK.
We’ve all found ourselves hunting down the provider of the cheapest tank of fuel. Well, that’s no longer necessary thanks to WhatGas. Initially released for the US, WhatGas can now provide you with an extensive list of all the petrol stations in your area, along with their prices by fuel type.
It’s free too so the only thing this app is doing is saving you money.

RAC Traffic (Free):

No one likes being stuck in traffic, there are ways you can avoid them, taking back roads or checking online before you begin your journey, but the RAC Traffic app makes this entire process heaps more convenient. The RAC Traffic app has data for the whole UK and displays any incidents, delays and road works that are situated along your route. You can also use the ‘Breakdown’ tab to contact RAC or use the Accident tab to contact RAC’s Helpline.

Real Racing 3 (Free):

Although it may not be a driving companion app, but Real Racing is a lot of fun. With a vast selection of over 100 cars; ranging from hatchbacks to hotrods to kit cars and supercars. Real Racing 3 offers in depth customisation and incredibly realistic aesthetics for a mobile phone game, Real Racing 3 is you a pure, barebones driving simulator that is sure to keep you hooked for hours on end.

*All of these apps are available for download on IOS and Android App stores*