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Our Favourite Car Ads From The Last Few Years

posted on Jan 06 2015 by Kiri Nowak

Our Favourite Car Ads From The Last Few Years

There have been many fantastic automotive adverts over the last few years. It's extremely difficult to narrow the list down to just a few of our favourites. Here are our top five adverts that we think deserve a mention.

1. Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive Chicken Ad

This brilliant advert for the new S-Class and it certainly made an impact. Mercedes are renowned for producing top notch television adverts and the Intelligent Drive ad is no exception. The Diana Ross soundtrack really suits the ad and the way they relate the movement of the chickens to a Mercedes car is very clever. It's an ad that stick in your mind long after you have seen it.

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2. Skoda Fabia Ad

This one had to make the list, could there be anything better than a car made of cake? Watch the Skoda Fabia being constructed with cake and icing and be amazed by the final result. The Fabia is a fun little car and this advert captures its character effectively.

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3. Honda Illusions

This innovative advert has had a massive 5,998,940 views on YouTube. Honda clearly know how to produce a successful viral video. The clever illusions featured in the ad emphasise the ingenuity of the new Honda CR-V's engineering. It's the kind of video that you watch over and over just to appreciate its quality.

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4. Volkswagen Woofwagen

Any advert with cute animals in it, especially dogs is likely to get some attention. Volkswagen captured their different models perfectly by comparing them to different breeds of dogs, claiming they have a model to suit everyone. Watch as numerous dogs do what they love doing, hanging out of car windows and letting their ears blow in the wind. Enjoy.

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5. Honda Hands

Another very respectable effort by Honda has to also make the list. Their 'Hands' advert was a huge hit with viewers. We watched in awe as mini motorbikes morphed into cars and boats. A pair of hands showcase different Honda vehicles and put their 65 year history into perspective.

This advert was praised by motoring experts around the world. The hands are actually an engineers which explains why he is able to do the things he does in the ad. This advert has had over 14 million views on YouTube.