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Our 5 Favourite Concept Cars

posted on Nov 05 2014 by Gabe Grover

Our 5 Favourite Concept Cars

Concept cars have always been a way designers could liberate themselves from the constraints of road laws and legislations. They can be a way in which designers can imagine new ways of shaping and constructing automobiles.
Here’re some of our favourite concept cars from this century and the last.

Ford Nucleon:

In post war America, citizens were trying to move on from the terrors of war, and look on into the bright future. One of the ways in which this was done, was the sudden uprising of nuclear energy. Nuclear energy, which has and is still used to power submarines, was a concept of propulsion for a Ford car named ‘Nucleon’. The car would work by having a can sized reactor at the rear of the vehicle, and through a nuclear reaction, a build up of pressurised steam would, hypothetically, move the car.
The Nucleon never reached mass production but the one model made is viewable at the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan.
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Ford GT90:

The next car on our list was the first true, American supercar, released 30 years after the GT40, Ford’s GT90 concept was, at the time, the fastest car in the world. The one model made had a twin turbo v12 engine that produced 720Bhp, it had a staggering top speed of 235mph, and could reach 60 from a standstill in 3.1 seconds. In fact, it was so powerful; Ford had to fit space shuttle grade tiles on the back of the car to prevent the rear panels melting off.
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Volkswagen Aqua:

Sometimes, designers throw the idea of having their ideas mass produced out the window and simply design something that could in the future, be the norm. That’s exactly what 21 year old Chinese designer ‘Yuhon Zang’ did when he designed the Volkswagen Aqua. Being a hybrid of a car and a hovercraft, this car, if it had been made, would’ve had the ability to hover on water. Powered by hydrogen fuel cells; being a huge upcoming fuel source, and propelled by impellers, the VW Aqua would’ve been a wonder to behold!
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The BMW GINA had perhaps one of the most revolutionary, unconventional designs ever seen in a concept car. Instead of a conventional body, GINA had a shape shifting fabric skin that would morph when exterior conditions like speed and weather differed. The designers attempted to create the most human like car ever, an eyelid type cover revealed its headlights, and it’s headrests form themselves in the seats when prompted.
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Ferrari 512 S Modulo:

The last car on our list is the Ferrari 512 S Modulo. The Ferrari 512 S Modulo is by far the most eccentric Ferrari concept ever made. The only reason it was made was because Ferrari had a spare 512 V12 engine after overproducing them for the 1970 Le Mans, and decided to gift it to renowned Designer Paolo Martin.
What Martin produced is simply jaw dropping, to say the least. No doors on this one, want to get in?  Its glass canopy slid forwards to allow entry to the car.