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Our 3 Favourite Ads From The New BMW I8 Campaign

posted on Sep 09 2014 by Gabe Grover

Our 3 Favourite Ads From The New BMW I8 Campaign

BMW’s new hybrid sports car was released alongside a hair rising ad campaign that effectively shows its aesthetic magnificence. Constructed mostly of carbon fibre, the BMW I8 happens to be the first sports car with the consumption and emission values of a compact car. Even though having just gone on sale, the i8 is in such high demand that there is now a waiting list for the car lasting over seven months.

The ad campaign began with the launch of their ad ‘sightings’, which involves fast cutting dialogue of different civilians of all ages describing their ‘sighting’ of the I8.

 The BMW I8’s body does resemble that of a spaceship, with a fluid aerodynamic body that looks like it was shaped by wind itself and bright lights that contour its beautiful carbon fibre body and dihedral doors. These design choices exacerbate concept of it being an extraterrestrial.

Characters in the advert describe it as a levitating, floating flash of white that ‘came out of nowhere’, a monster. The idea of the car being alive is introduced by its personification. First through the words of a young boy, ‘it had big glowing eyes’, and ‘I just know it’s out there’. Making the car seem more and more like a UFO.

The car is currently priced at around £100,000, and only a select few have had the chance to drive it without paying the price.

BMW i8 Genesis Ad

 BMW’s genesis ad, which features ‘Boardwalk Empire’s’  star Michael Pitt, who delivers a chilling performance in this spot in which he is seen reciting a poem written for BMW. He recites with great emotion, passion and true belief ‘Try, error, try, error, again and again’ similar to Samuel Becketts famous quote ‘Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.’ this repetition truly represents BMW’s incessant pursuit for innovation.

Hello Future – BMW i8

My personal favourite of the campaign, the hello future spot consists of a snippet of the speech Arthur C. Clarke made on BBC Horizon in 1964. Possibly the most important sentence in the ad is ‘the only thing we can be sure of about the future, is that it will be absolutely fantastic.’ This uplifting quote, which is heard whilst a flickering image of a skyline and an I8 is shown well and truly shows how futuristic this car is.

The snare on the audio recording also gives the spot a good juxtaposition of past and future, a past quote’s realisation in the future.

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