One foot in the C1! Ryan's review of the new Citroen C1

posted on Feb 25 2016 by Ryan Plavenieks

One foot in the C1! Ryan's review of the new Citroen C1

When I took delivery of my wife’s new lease car you may well have thought I’d turned into Victor Meldrew. Now don’t be mistaken. It’s not that I’m miserable. Or old! But Vic is well known for his catch phrase “I don’t believe it!” and I think id borrowed it from him on a number of times looking at and driving the new motor.

After seeing a new deal come out on the Citroen C1 I thought it would be a nice gesture to get the better half a little commuting car for her birthday and the C1 fit the bill perfectly. It had quite a good specification with a few touches that screamed value for money.

I’d never been in one or really seen one up close but at the price the deal was at I couldn’t really argue. I spoke with the dealer and placed the order as soon as the finance proposal went through leaving the only difficult decision of choosing a colour to make.

After a short flick through the colours online I went with carlanite grey and that was pretty much job done. Now it was a case of just sitting back and waiting for the car to come straight to my door.


When the car was delivered it was shiny and clean as the driver had just given it a power wash before handing it over. Credit to the driver, he gave a good handover, showed me the controls and went through the paper work swiftly.

Now all of the formalities were out of the way I could have a good look over the car and take it for a spin. And it was at this point old Victor Meldrew’s catchphrase started coming out. I couldn’t believe it!

I was so impressed with the car I honestly didn’t believe it. There was the touch screen in pride of place on the dash that looked pretty cool. I could link up my smart phone and get my music library streaming in the car which is an awesome thing in my book. Also you can use Google maps on the touch screen too which is pretty nifty. No need for paying for the optional extra there!


Other features that come standard in the C1 flair model are DAB radio, Bluetooth, reversing camera, speed limiter, led daytime running lights and some pretty nice diamond cut alloys.

All that gear for the price of 100 quid a month? I don’t believe it!!!

The tech and options in the car were a nice touch but I wasn’t really expecting too much from the drive of it but yet again the Citroen came up trumps.

I was impressed by how spacious the cabin felt from the captain’s chair. The C1 gave a feel of a bigger car. The seats are contoured high backed that are very comfortable and the driving position felt good. The steering wheel is height adjustable and also is the driving seat.

Citroen C1 Review

One thing that particularly felt good was the gear shift. It wasn’t the flimsy waggle of a cheaply produced car but more of a solid movement borrowed from something considered a bit more premium.

The engine was fine and toddled along nicely. Being completely frank I knew the 1.2, 82bhp, 3 pot wasn’t going to set the world on fire but for a traffic logged slow commute into town it would be absolutely perfect and the mpg isn’t to be sniffed at either 55mpg according to the computer in heavy town driving.

All in all I think a car of this quality for the money they are available for is quite mind bendingly brilliant. I can appreciate it’s not going to suit everyone. It only has 4 seats and the boot is quite small for the likes of massive modern day baby buggies with off road wheels but our pushchair fits in pretty well with space to go and the child seat fits well in the back.

I’ve had many cars over the years. All brands, sizes and fuel types but rarely have I been so impressed especially after expecting so little.

If you’re on a tight budget and you want peace of mind driving, the tax covered and something pretty peachy. Please. Do yourself a favour and check out the C1 flair or even the airscape convertible version and I guarantee a great little car at daft money. Click here for more information on the Citroen C1.

Now I believe it!!!!

Ryan Plavenieks is a member of our Sales Support Team. 

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