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Nissan and Usain Bolt team up for a special GT-R

posted on Oct 12 2012 by Sam Jones

Nissan and Usain Bolt team up for a special GT-R

Nissan have collaborated with Usain Bolt to produce a unique GT-R to be auctioned in aid of the Olympic sprinting champions charity. It'll be difficult to miss with its golden paint job, Bolts embossed signature and interior fittings finished in real gold.

For those are of you interested in becoming the proud owner of the Bolt performance GT-R, it will go on sale on eBay later this month. The proceeds from its auction will go to the Usain Bolt Foundation, which aims to create educational and cultural opportunities for children and young people in the sprinters homeland of Jamaica.

Nissan confirmed there will also be a limited edition run of Bolt GT-R models for those who missed out on winning the car in auction. It has also given Bolt the title of Director of Excitement, an honour which the Jamaican responded to by saying, Racing is my inspiration, and I want to help Nissan become an even more exciting brand for everyone.

Bolt has already played a helping hand in the cars development by providing his feedback on its performance after test driving it at Nissans proving ground in Japan. Not that the GT-R has ever really lacked excitement with the standard version offering 542bhp, 0-62mph in 2.8seconds and a top speed of 196mph.