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posted on Aug 11 2015 by Kiri Nowak

In The News This Week

Want to know about all the latest car related news stories? If you want to keep up to date with what’s going on with the automotive market in the UK and around the world, then you have come to the right place. We have put together a summary of the most interesting news stories that are being published online right now. Here’s the things you need to know:

A car melts during a heatwave in Italy

Image courtesy of the Express

A heatwave has been making its way through Europe, causing temperatures in Italy to sore to 37 degrees. Apparently, that’s hot enough to actually melt a car. A British tourist captured picture of a car in Italy that couldn’t hack the heat.

The car in question is a Renault Megane, which was left in the boiling hot sun for a few days, causing it to melt. It was parked outside a beach in Caorle, Italy. John Westbrooke, a taxi driver from Kent took some video footage of the car melting before his eyes. He said 'The car was parked parallel to the beach and had been there for a few days - it was just the pure heat of the sun beating down on it that made it melt.' Click here to see the melting Renault Megane video and pictures.

Skoda named ‘most dependable’ cars

According to the 2015 JD Power Vehicle Dependability Survey, Skoda make the most dependable cars. Of all the cars aged between one and three year’s old, cars made by Skoda were least likely to experience problems. Kia came second, Suzuki third, Nissan fourth and Mercedes-Benz fifth. The survey also showed that there were more problems with premium brands and the most common problem was 'frequent pairing/connectivity issues'.

£20 gadget can unlock cars

Image courtesy of Engadget

A hacker has invented a gadget that can unlock most modern cars. It is able to do this by stealing wireless key security codes, and the owner has no idea. The device that the hacker came up with only costs about £20 to make. It exposes some of the weaknesses in keyless car systems. Read more about this and find out how it actually works on the AutoGuide blog.

New research shows drink driving is on the increase

Image courtesy of Writeonmotoring

Think drink driving is decreasing? Think again. According to new figures, drink driving is actually on the rise. Figures released by police chiefs show that during the summer the number of positive drink driving tests has increased. This summer, five thousand people either tested positive, refused or failed to provide. In 2014, the figure was only 2,929.

Tesla loses $4000 on each car

Apparently Tesla is throwing money away on the cars they make because every time they sell one they lose $4000. This could be to do with their ambitious aim to get to 500,000 cars a year by 2020. Musk said last week, ‘I do remain confident about half a million cars in 2020, and maybe being able to exceed that.’ Their $30 billion market value is built on a dream. They also want to produce half a million electric cars by 2020. Their loss on each car has nearly doubled since 2013, which is clearly concerning for investors.