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New Year's Resolutions For Motorists

posted on Dec 18 2014 by Kiri Nowak

New Year's Resolutions For Motorists

It's that time of year when we begin to start thinking about things we might want to change for the New Year.

New Year's resolutions are often about our diets, staying healthy and exercise as well as achieving life goals. Don't come up with the same resolutions as all your friends such as eating less chocolate or drinking less. If you love your car, enjoy driving or do a lot of mileage then why not make your resolutions related to driving? Here are some ideas to get you started...

  • I will give my car regular health checks.

  • I will clean my car every few weeks.

  • I will drive my car with care.

  • I will get my car serviced regularly.

  • I will work on my road rage.

  • I will get problems fixed as they arise or possibly even before (by being proactive).

  • I will not ignore warning lights.

  • I will check my tyre pressure and tread regularly.

  • I will not park in ridiculous places just to make life easier.

  • I will not stay the middle lane on the motorway when there is space in the slow lane.

  • I will not let my petrol get so low that the light flashes and nearly run out of petrol several times a month/year.

  • I will always keep my petrol tank at least half full.

  • I will not steal someone's parking space when they clearly got there first.

  • I will keep emergency supplies in my car in case I break down in bad weather (blankets, torch, triangle, warm clothes).

  • I will not leave my MOT to the last minute, leaving me stranded if it fails.

  • I will not drive for long periods without taking breaks or attempt to drive when I am exhausted.

  • I will turn my phone off or put it away whilst driving or get an in car mobile phone kit.

  • I will always wear my seatbelt.

  • I will use my indicators properly.

  • I will not allow my car boot to become a dumping ground/storage space.

  • I will not use my car to travel less than a mile down the road and will walk where possible.