The VW Golf R – Wow Factor Fitted as Standard

posted on Aug 23 2013 by Jon Bardill

The VW Golf R – Wow Factor Fitted as Standard

Mention golf to most people and the chances are they will conjure up images of middle-aged guys in canary yellow trousers and jumpers that look like they were designed in the 1920s. Its a fact. Mention Golf (with a capital G) to car enthusiasts, however, and they will see in their minds eye a speedy motor that has been in vogue since it was first revealed to a waiting world in 1974. And all without a diamond-patterned sleeveless sweater in sight.

VW Golf

Over the years, the Volkswagen Golf has undergone a number of reincarnations, just like Doctor Who. The latest version, known as the Volkswagen Peter Capaldi just kidding, its actually the VW Golf R has appeared in the press and it looks to offer an intriguing number of reasons to trade in the older model for a bright, shiny new one. If you like your performance levels on the high side, you should be beating down the doors of your local VW dealer already. The specs and stats are impressive:

  • All-wheel drive
  • 0-62 in 4.9 seconds
  • 296bhp
  • 2-litre turbocharged engine
  • 39.7mpg
  • And, as the adverts always say, so much more

The Golf R is styled on the Mk 7, the successor to the wait for it Mk 6, and when it finally hits the streets in late 2013 there will be a buzz of excitement from anyone who likes their cars fast, uncomplicated and stylish. And if the standard driving mode isnt quick enough, theres a Race mode that transforms it from Terrified Hare mode into Hungry Cheetah. Hold onto your hats when you take this option.

The MPG figures are an improvement on previous versions, despite the fact that performance is superior. This is because the model is expected to be substantially lighter. Volkswagen are yet to announce the official weight, but there are rumours that it has shed some 40kg overall. Apparently its all to do with portion control and skipping the mid-afternoon snack.

Theres no set price as yet for the Golf R, but if youre expecting much change from 30,000 for the manual 3-door model youll probably be a little disappointed. If the expected late 2013 release materialises you might want to skimp on Christmas presents for friends and families to make sure you can afford the car. Were sure everyone will understand.

A number of car manufacturers release updated versions of existing models which dont really offer a great deal in the way of change. Apart from a decal here and there and perhaps a snazzier drivers seat, they are basically the same. This accusation cant be levelled at VW, because the Golf R represents a rather radical upgrade on an existing, and highly popular, classic.

Images courtesy of the Telegraph