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New Sub 100 Page – All Deals Under £100 per month

posted on Oct 23 2015 by Jon Bardill

New Sub 100 Page – All Deals Under £100 per month

We are pleased to announce that out new Sub £100 Club page on our website is now live.

As the name suggests, it’s dedicated to finding our customers the best car that suits their lease needs for under £100+VAT per month.

There is a massive range to choose from where to can pick any combination of; mileage per annum, deposit amount, contract term, annual mileage, auto/manual, body type and even the choice between petrol or diesel engines.

We are really pleased with how the new search engine works on the site, especially the new Sub £100 page.  It returns an instant response to any queries you ask it, searching through millions of price combinations on thousands of cars.

The Sub £100 Club page was added to the website to fill a need for customers that want to stick to a very low monthly cost on their new lease car.  It is ideal for younger drivers looking to lease that are on a budget, families looking for a small cheap second car and companies looking for a cheap run around for some in the office, or just someone looking for an amazingly cheap lease deal!

I am personally really impressed on what you can get for £100 a month on a lease deal, there’s some fantastic deals to be had at the moment. 

If you are looking for an ultra low cost lease deal, please have a look at the new page, I hope you will also be as impressed as I am by the massive range of cars that you can lease for Sub £100 a month.