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New Renault Clio Dynamique MediaNav 5dr Test Drive

posted on Jun 25 2014 by Kiri Nowak

New Renault Clio Dynamique MediaNav 5dr Test Drive

We have a fantastic deal on the brand new Renault Clio. Lease the Renault Clio Dynamique MediaNav from only £113 a month. We think this is such a great deal that we went out to test drive the Clio so that we can tell you more about what it has to offer.

The first thing to note is that this is a very nice looking car. Renault have certainly gone for a bold look and created perhaps the best looking Clio to date. Previously the Clio has looked very simple and old fashioned in design but the new model looks sleek and modern.

2002 Clio

Old style Clio

 The Clio comes in a very attractive red, a specific shade that is exclusive to Renault. It definitely stands out in the Renault dealer car park on a warm summer’s day; the red colour really seems to catch the sunlight. We also saw the car in an eye catching yellow colour, one of the safest colours on the road because it’s easy to see according to the salesman.

The Clio looks like a three door, sporty car but in reality it is a five door in disguise. The door handles for the back doors are concealed in the window panels, creating the illusion of a three door car. There is also rubbing strip on both sides of the car, this protects the body from damage, helps with aerodynamics and also looks pretty impressive. It adds to the sporty, stylish look of the car.

Rubbing strip on side of car

Open up the boot and you will be pleasantly surprised with the space, and you can put the back seats down if you need even more room.

Inside the car you will immediately notice the seven-inch media screen. It has built in sat nav and you can connect your phone so that you can speak hands free whilst on the road. The media screen is really easy to use, the salesman demonstrated how simple it is to plan your route, change settings in the car and operate the radio.

The interior comes in black and red which is very bright and overpowering but will appeal to those who like to make a statement. It also comes in a more subtle black and grey interior for those who prefer a more understated interior.

Even though this is a smaller car, the space inside the car is not sacrificed. There is plenty of leg room for passengers in the back, although the ceiling does come down fairly low. You will be able to find your ideal driving position, thanks to the numerous ways of adjusting the seat and steering wheel.

The car was perfectly comfortable for a tall 6 foot 2 driver. When sitting in the front it feels like the car is longer than it actually is due to the design of the dashboard and the generous leg room. There are plenty of little storage compartments to make up for the fact that the glove box is quite small.

The Clio comes with cruise control and automatic windscreen wipers and lights which improves the overall driving experience. Not worrying about turning the windscreen wipers on and off is a simple yet useful luxury.

As a passenger in the car the ride feels smooth and comfortable. We didn’t even notice going down quite a bumpy, uneven road. It's great to drive too, gear changing is smooth and the engine is very quiet.

It’s a very practical car that will get you around town in style. The new Clio is fun to drive as well as being fuel efficient. The 1.2 petrol model achieves 51.40 mpg and CO2 emissions of 127 g/km. If you opt for the slightly more pricey 1.5 diesel model you are looking at between 83 to 88mpg.

If you just want a practical car to get around in and aren’t worried about speed and power then you will be extremely satisfied with the 1.2. However, if you want a more powerful car that will get you off the mark quickly then you will prefer the 1.5 model. It was nippy and picked up speed quickly, handy at frustrating roundabouts and difficult junctions when you need some pace to make a quick getaway. It also felt quick on the motorway too, quietly gliding up to 70mph with ease.

If safety is important to you then the new Clio is an excellent choice. It received five stars in the Euro NCAP safety testing. 

The Clio is definitely a leading contender in its class. Not only does it look better than other cars in its class it can definitely compete when it comes to the fun factor, fuel economy and even practicality.

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