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The new Mercedes-Benz AMG

posted on Sep 16 2014 by Gabe Grover

The new Mercedes-Benz AMG

Mercedes recently showed off their new supercar, the 2015 Mercedes AMG GT, and it’s a wonder to look at. It features a four litre V8 engine; with 503 break horse power, it’s clear to see that this car is an absolute beast.

The car will launch with two models, the standard GT, (which is said to start from £110,000) and the GT S, (will be just above that at £120,000); the GT model will sport a 456bhp engine whereas the upgraded, GT S AMG will have a more powerful, 503bhp engine. Mercedes have stated that the GTS will go from 0-60mph in 3.8 seconds and the GT just two tenths behind that at 3.6 seconds.

This supreme power is delivered to the rear wheels using a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, and even through these improvements, Mercedes have worked the miracle of making this car just over 25kg lighter than Porsche’s 911, and 5kg less than Jaguars F-Type R Coupe, which may not seem like much, but every kilogram counts when you’re reaching the GTS’ top speed of 310KMH, (192mph).

With a body that was inspired by Mercedes’ SLS, the long bonnet and low glasshouse are both reminiscent of the SLS, but Mercedes chose to pick a roof with more curvature than that of the sls’s flat, retro like design.  As expected, there are no back seats in the AMG, but Mercedes have stated that it will feature a 350 litre boot, big enough for two sets of golf clubs.

The AMG will also handle like a dream, featuring double wishbone suspension and adaptive dampers which can be set using the new ‘AMG Dynamic Select System’ to one of three settings: ‘Comfort’, ‘Sport’ and ‘Sport Plus’.

Of course, the AMG is launching with several potential customisations, at this point, there’re two packages to choose from, the ‘Chrome’ package, and the ‘Night’ package. There’re also countless carbon fibre parts to choose from on the exterior of the car.

So what would you choose?
Mercedes’ AMG, Jaguars F Type, or Porsche’s 911…