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New Mercedes-Benz Ads - Efficiency At Its Best

posted on Jul 29 2014 by Kiri Nowak

New Mercedes-Benz Ads - Efficiency At Its Best

Mercedes-Benz have a strong reputation for producing some of the best ads in the industry. From the iconic ‘Janis Joplin Mercedes-Benz’ ad to the more recent and completely mesmerising ‘Magic Body Control’ ad starring chickens.

Mercedes-Benz certainly does go the extra mile when it comes to finding ways to make a lasting impression. Their TV adverts are some of the most memorable in the world; this perhaps could be why they are one of the most recognisable brands. That and the exceptional cars they produce.

Mercedes-Benz cars speak for themselves, but a steady flow of clever advertising definitely helps. What will they come up with next? Here are two of their latest TV ads and an impressive advert featured on their YouTube channel.

New TV commercial "Efficiency at its best."

‘Efficiency’ is the first word mentioned in this ad. It is a key value for the Mercedes brand. A great deal of research and innovation goes into making a Mercedes-Benz car and this advert really demonstrates what makes their cars so exceptional.

Something you notice straight away about this advert is the audio; it’s as if you are standing in a Mercedes-Benz factory yourself.

Then you get an insight into the power and performance of a Formula 1 car. An F1 car goes into the pit stop and the new S-Class 500 Plug-in Hybrid comes out, demonstrating how aspects of the Mercedes Formula 1 cars are transmitted to the road.

Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton also make an appearance, cementing the audience’s faith in the brand. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the Mercedes-Benz Formula 1 team are dominating the circuit this year. The ad finishes with a very apt slogan ‘the best or nothing.’

V-Class TV commercial "Family Life"

This is a much more targeted ad which is aimed at modern families who want to make the most of life, cherishing those special moments. It is a dedicated ad for the new V-Class which is an ideal choice of vehicle for busy families.

Its theme is something all parents can relate to, the fact that your life instantly changes once you have kids. No sleep, no love life and you ‘always have to be a role model’.

The ad is slightly more light hearted than most Mercedes ads, with an upbeat soundtrack and a touch of comedy. Poking fun at teenagers, embarrassing parents and having to spend a penny whilst on the road.

The ad finishes with a powerful V-Class gliding around corners and driving through mountainous countryside.

Highsnobiety x the C-Class “On Road, Rock and Mountain Top”

This ad is design to showcase the features of the latest C-Class model. What better place to do this than the foothills of Marseille?

A star crossed lover with a strong French accent narrates this ad, explaining the predicament he is in. He has fallen for a mystery beauty that he has to sneak away to be with. He questions whether he is getting carried away but in the end succumbs to the charm of the Mercedes-Benz C 300 BluTEC HYBRID.

It’s a fresh take on the traditional automotive ad, showcasing the class and sophistication of the infamous C-Class.

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