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The New Ford Mondeo

posted on Oct 06 2014 by Gabe Grover

The New Ford Mondeo

After nearly 3 years of patient waiting, the new Ford Mondeo is coming to the UK.
Having been released in the states in early 2012, us Brits have had a long wait for Ford’s next iteration of their award winning car.
Ford, of course, holds the Mondeo close to heart. After the soaring production of the model (going from 200,000 models licensed in the first year of its release in 1996, to just above 900,000 licensed Mondeos in 2009.) It’s no surprise Ford have released an updated model. We’ve been waiting for this model since its concept was shown to the public in 2011, and the wait was worth it.

The new Mondeo will come in three derivatives, hatchback, estate and saloon. The saloon model will exclusively be available in high spec versions and the hybrid model. Starting at £20,000 going up to £27,000 with the high spec models, the Mondeo isn’t too expensive, or too cheap.


The Mondeo can also be equipped with a range of add-ons and safety features, the majority of which are included in the base model. The base model includes a number of brilliant features that weren’t featured on its predecessor’s base model. To start with, the base model will feature alloy wheels, dual zone air conditioning and the new version of the Sync Entertainment System.
One of the new exciting safety features are the new inflatable seat belts, these seat belts will inflate like an airbag in a hazardous situation, costing just under £200, this add on is well worth the peace of mind it’ll provide you, and previously being a feature exclusive to high end luxury cars like the S-Class, it’s a feature well worth the money. Some more brilliant features of the new Ford Mondeo is the inclusion of an automatic parking system, along with a human detecting breakage system, that’ll help prevent collisions at slow speeds, this also recognises traffic signs which then relays that information to the 8’’ display on the dashboard.

Following the criticism of its previous dashboard system, Ford has redesigned its dashboard. Compared to the cluttered, confusing system featured on the older model, the new dash is more simplistic and easier to use. Although there are some buttons that can be used to adjust the heating etc, most of the commands are made through the new, super bright 8’’ touch screen display that features fords new ‘Sync Entertainment System’.

The Mondeo comes with either a choice of 3 diesel engines, a good selection of petrol engines, and a hybrid engine in the saloon version.
The new Mondeo will be released later on this year, (despite 2015 being in its name).
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