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£132 NEW Ford Fiesta Studio 1.4D All New model Fiesta Available

posted on Oct 14 2008 by Jon Bardill

The all new Ford Fiesta for 2008 is now available from, in fact the complete range of new Ford Fiesta is available. Based on a 3 year 3+35 contract hire lease agreement to both the business user and personal driver. For full details please contact the GMC Car Leasing team on 0870 770 4944. The all new Ford Fiesta, the most important supermini to be launched in 2008. Its a fact that the Fiesta is Britain's best-selling small car and the sporting driver's choice, iteuros also the backbone of loss-making Ford's turnaround plan. The plan is that by 2010, the Fiesta hatchback will be on sale in Asia and North America (as well as Europe), a global strategy that will be rolled out to the next-generation Focus and Mondeo, as Ford battles for profitability. Grab the door handle of the all new Ford Fiesta and the door feels light but stiff, and shuts with a satisfying clunk.

The outgoing Fiesta felt as robust as the lid on a Roses chocolates tin, so this is a vital sensation if your have a plan that involves convincing the Americans to embrace a smaller car. The outgoing Fiesta's hydraulic rack and pinion steering could shame the odd supercar, let alone supermini. It was meaty, alive with heaps of feedback and a wonderfully progressive action. The new, standard set-up with variable assistance from an electric motor is quick and light. This is the first time Ford has used an all-electric system (the current Focus's set up is electric/hydraulic), which will save fuel by deactivating when its help isn't required. The majority of drivers will neither notice nor care and may appreciate its effortless nature. Most impressive is the Ford Fiesta's big-car refinement and it is sensationally refined with the ride comfort equally special.

The MacPherson strut/twist beam suspension has a springy, loping action that's initially a bit disconcerting, but is actually superb at dismissing any onrushing minefield of bumps. Body roll seldom gets the upper hand, and this Fiesta chassis is agile, slidy and fun to chuck around euro like its predecessors were. But with some noticeable improvements. The new Ford Fiesta is much the same size as the outgoing car yet has more interior space and, at 295 litres, the biggest boot in the model's history. The headline news is a 40kg weight reduction model for model euro shades of Mazda 2, perhaps euro despite adding 3kg of emissions-reducing equipment, 5kg to suppress noise and 5kg to boost safety. Needless to say, the new Ford Fiesta is more rigid to improve crash performance and chassis precision. The new Ford Fiesta is a huge achievement, and it'll please just about everyone, the sporty new Fiesta might just be a world-beater.