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The New C-Class Mercedes-Benz

posted on May 27 2014 by Harvey Yates

The C-Class will undergo a substantial modification when the new W205 is launched in the summer. Mercedes-Benz World have secured one for display but it turns out to be more secure than display as they have locked all the doors!

The model, and there is just the one, is a C220 AMG in tenorite grey metallic, with a 16 valve 4-cylinder 168 bhp diesel engine, which is expected to be the best seller. It is fitted with a seven-speed automatic gearbox which, Mercedes-Benz suggests, will be the choice of more than 80% of buyers. We are told that the interior in black artico leather with contrasting white stitching and a photograph taken through the passenger window seems to support this.

Windows closed on the new C Class on display at Mercedes-Benz World

Two other engines will be offered initially: a 2-litre petrol engine pushing out 182 bhp, and a 208 bhp diesel. Others will arrive later although it would seem that the full range will not be available in the UK. There will be a turbo-charged 4-litre V8, the mighty normally aspirated 6-litre V8 of the C63 seems destined for the scrap heap. 

Mercedes-Benz' new C Class

The W205 appearance is not, at first glance, in any way revolutionary. In fact most people strolled past without taking any notice!

The new C Class

This, for owners of the current C-Class, is a positive as it doesn’t make their models old-fashioned and keeps up second-hand value. Not something someone leasing has to worry about I know. I was told that one step forward on the new W205 is an increase in rear leg-room, bringing it up to the standard of its competitors, and that’s a major positive.

19” wheels

The display car is equipped with 19” wheels, an option on the AMG. They look really nice and stylish but I have to say I am no fan of the low profile tyres such wheels necessitate. I’ve found the negative effect on ride is not always compensated by the increase in grip and feel, the latter often a little excessively so.

Talking with the sales staff, the Airmatic option on Sport and AMG only might well be seen as an essential as it is, they say, well worth the extra, which at nearly £900 suggests that it must be very good. Airmatic is air suspension, a first in an executive car of this size, and likely to become a significant sales feature.

The headlamps come in for a bit of updating. The outer glass cover is sculpted into a very interesting form, not that apparent in the pictures I’m afraid, but the profusion of LEDs means that at night it will be obvious you are driving the W205.

The headlamp outer glass cover is sculpted into a very interesting form

The lack of drama in the design is a positive. Firstly, it limits compromises, such as lowering the headroom for the sake of sleekness. Secondly, it provides what purchasers, and leasers, want from a Mercedes-Benz. Thirdly, and I think importantly, many drivers will want others to know what they are driving. What would also attract owners is the fuel consumption figures (all mpg): urban 53.3; extra urban, 78.5; combined, 65.7, which by my calculations is about a 20% increase in mileage. And this comes with the ability to go from 0-62.5 mph in just 7.4 seconds.

The CO2 readings are given as 113 with 18” wheels, and 117 with 19”, although there are other factors which will cause variations. Testers are universal in the praise of the interior, the suggestion being of a massive improvement on that of the W204, itself very attractive. There was special praise for the choice of materials. The new W205 C-Class is a vitally important car for Mercedes-Benz. It is their best seller and the market is far from uncrowded. Given the massive investment in the model, it is bound to be an improvement on the current model.

With legislative restrictions limiting any design flights of fancy - aerodynamics dictate the outside given how much emphasis is placed on fuel consumption - a radical, off the wall creation was never going to happen. Mercedes-Benz evidently misjudged the attraction of the W204 saloon, currently having no new ones to offer.

The New C-Class Mercedes-Benz Interior

The various two-door models and the estate will run for a while as their replacements are not due for some time. My conclusion on first viewing of the new C-Class was a certain relief that Mercedes-Benz has not gone for silly little design features that would soon become a bit of an eyesore. There is the indulgence of a slight change to with wing mirrors which, although perhaps pointless, is forgivable.

Current C Class wing mirrors

There is no startling difference in the rear lights. Otherwise it is clean, with a certain understated aggression that certainly appeals. If what they say about the Airmatic suspension is even half true, it seems as if it will continue to be a best-seller. When we receive more information, we will post it here. Click here to view lease deals on the current Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe.