New Design Audi A8 for 2014

posted on Aug 17 2013 by Alex Murray

New Design Audi A8 for 2014

Audi have decided to give the A8 a facelift for 2014 and these newly revealed sketches show the new direction for one of the worlds most finely engineered vehicles. The new look Audi A8 is rumoured to be fully revealed at this years Frankfurt Motor Show taking place between the 10th 22nd September.

However for an even sooner look at the 2014 Audi A8 you can tune into Audi's Media TV online channel to see the new car in action on 21st August. This follows a video released by Audi showing two concealed cars, one of which is thought to be the new A8.

One of the surprising talking points are the headlamps, which create a wave like effect when indicating rather than the standard flashing weve come so accustomed to. This is all part of the optimal lighting conditions produced by Audis Matrix LED headlamp technology.

With a completely new A8 expected to replace this latest design updated in 2016 Audi really havent made a whole lot of changes. Some features that have been re-designed include:

  • Front grille
  • Front and rear bumpers
  • Exhaust finishers

The hope if that Audi have spent more of their time updating the interior of the car; for which there are currently no pictures or sketches. Along with the new 2014 A8 Audi will also be showing the Audi Quattro Sport Concept next month at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Stay tuned for the official pictures, which should be making their way to you on the 21st August along with the aforementioned video. Were hoping for some nice surprises when it comes to the new look interior!