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Are you a safe driver? National Road Safety Week at Chichester College

posted on Nov 11 2008 by Jon Bardill

Are you a safe driver? National Road Safety Week at Chichester College

Are you a safe driver? We want you to stop and imagine how horrendous it would be to lose a loved one in a road crash, or cause a fatal crash, take a long hard look at your behaviour on roads, and change your behaviour for the better. We can all make a commitment to improve our behaviour, whether that means taking more time to look twice at junctions or committing to not ever overtaking unless it is totally safe. GMC Car Leasing is based in the town of Lancing, West Sussex and is taking part in the Sussex Road Safety week by presenting 2 workshops at Chichester College. The workshops will highlight many of the dangers of winter driving and what checks can be done by the driver to ensure their car is ready for winter motoring. In the run up to Road safety week we received news that a local girl of 17 Kellie Taylor had lost control of her car in Mill Road, Arundel close to Arundel Castle crashing through two fences, a bin and a road sign and into an earth embankment. Sadly Kellie lost her life at the scene of the crash and will be one of many young prople that lose their lives during 2008.

Help us to save lives and to support people bereaved by road crashes by taking part in National Road Safety Week 9th - 16th November. Every day on UK roads, nine people are killed and nearly ten times as many are seriously injured. Our business involves us working with drivers and owners of companies every day of the week and GMC Car Leasing instantly recognised the importance of this campaign and is actively promoting the message to thousands of clients across West Sussex and other areas through out the UK. Gary Shapland General Manager comments We deliver over 1000 lease cars every year and I feel it important for us to remind our customers to think about how they drive. It is inevitable with a client base as large as ours, we do get involved with the aftermath of such accidents and you have to ask yourself could it have been prevented.

The truth of the fact is, yes it probably could have been! INFORMATION FOR DRIVERS Are you a safe driver Driving is the most dangerous thing that most of us do on a daily basis. Nine people die every day on UK roads and nearly ten times as many are seriously injured. Most of these deaths and injuries could be prevented by drivers taking simple steps every time they get behind the wheel to ensure they are looking after themselves, their passengers and other road users. WHAT CAN DRIVERS DO Let kids live - SLOW DOWN. A child is hurt or killed every 18 minutes on UK roads, but we can all play a part in tackling these tragedies and making our roads safer for children on foot and bicycles. Slowing down and looking out for children when driving near schools and homes is essential to preventing child road deaths and injuries. A child hit at 40mph will almost certainly die, but hit at 20mph they will almost certainly live.

Brake advises drivers to always stay within speed limits, and slow down to 20mph or below around schools and homes, to help make our communities safer, more family-friendly places. Make a Pledge to Drive Safely You can make the Pledge online and encourage friends, family and colleagues to do the same. For more detailed safe driving advice based on the Pledge, download Brake's 'Are you a safe driver' booklet, which is packed with practical tips, facts and figures on the above topics. Spread the word in your local community Use the 'info for communities' page on this website for ideas and advice on running local road safety campaigns calling for safer roads, and raising awareness among other drivers, families and young people in your area.

Encourage your company to get involved in the Week Companies are encouraged to take part in the Week to help raise awareness about road safety among employees and the local community. Encourage your company to get involved - especially if you and/or your colleagues drive for business purposes. Use the 'info for companies' page for information on how companies can take part or call Brake on 01484 559909 for a FREE Road Safety Week action pack for companies. Natasha Hamilton, singer with Atomic Kitten: "As a mum, and someone who was knocked down and injured by a car as a child, I give my full support to Brake's campaign to make our roads safer for children. It's horrifying that so many children are killed and injured on our roads - much more should be done to ensure children can walk and cycle in their neighbourhoods without their lives being endangered. We can all play a part in improving children's road safety. I urge parents to do everything you can to keep your children safe on foot, bicycle and in the car, and I urge drivers to slow down around schools and homes."

Getting involved in Road Safety Week really helped us to generate awareness about road safety and to get the message across to our employees euro and the local community - that safe driving is a top priority for us as an organisation. There are so many ways to take part in this important event - we would urge all companies to get involved and help make our roads safer for everyone.