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MP urges toll-free Severn crossing

posted on Mar 14 2014 by Jade Hensby

MP urges toll-free Severn crossing

The MP for Forrest of Dean has called for a new bridge to be built over the Severn, which he says should be paid for by us taxpayers.  Conservative MP Mark Harper said that a bridge upstream of the Severn Bridge and the second Severn Crossing would "offer a long-term solution to reducing the severe tailbacks at a free crossing close to Gloucester".

Such a crossing would ideally not have tolls, but the MP said not to rule out toll cash use from the current bridges if a new one was possible within the next two years. However, Welsh MPs have argued against this scheme, saying that it could be a drain on South Wales residents, while Transport Minister Robert Goodwill claimed the estuary crossings should be paid for by users rather than taxpayers, as according to Government policy.  

What are your views on a new bridge?