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Most Anticipated Upcoming Driving Games

posted on Sep 22 2014 by Gabe Grover

Sometimes a break from the real world is well needed, and there’s no better way to do so than to play a driving game. From simulators to arcade style releases, there’s a fair share to choose from this fall. Here’re our most anticipated driving titles coming out over the next six months.

Forza Horizon 2 03/10/14

Forza Horizon 2 is the sequel to the 2012 hit open- world game, ‘Forza Horizon’. ‘Forza Horizon 2’ is being made by British developer, ‘Playground Games’ and not ‘Turn 10’ (the developers of the ‘Forza Motorsport’ series). Having been such a success, Playground Games had a tough task exceeding the expectations met by those who experienced the first game. But from what has been shown, they’ve done both that, and more.

‘Horizon 2’ offers the player a choice of over 200 cars, 100 of which have already been revealed, ranging from exotic cars to rally cars, players will have a lot to choose from.

The game is set in an exquisitely rendered Southern Europe, setting the player loose in a vast world ranging from the thin streets of Nice to the hilly roads of Castelletto.
‘Forza Horizon 2’ is set to be released on the 3rd of October 2014.
Click here to see a gameplay trailer of the game

Driveclub 08/10/14

For anyone who owns a PlayStation 4, Driveclub is a gift from the gods as it will be one of the many games free to any PlayStation Plus members who pay the small subscription fee.

Having been delayed for a year, Evolution Studios have a lot to live up to, and after seeing plenty of on hands footage at this year’s E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), we are fairly certain they have done a fantastic job polishing the game off. Driveclub offers the player a choice of 55 cars to drive on 55 tracks set in 5 different locations, which all feature brilliant attention to detail; from the 19,000 strong pink flamingo flock in the Indian track ‘Chungara lake’, to the vultures in chilli and the seagulls in Scotland, you won’t simply be driving along bland roads in this release.

Driveclub is beautiful to say the least, running at a smooth 30fps at 1080p, the world of Driveclub is a wonder to behold.
Click here to see Driveclub’s Gameplay Trailer

The Crew 14/11/14

There’s only one word to describe Ubisofts ‘The Crew’, enourmous. To give you an idea, it’ll take the player 90 minutes to drive across the 6,213 miles of open road in The Crew, and that isn’t taking into account the huge spaces of offroad terrain for players to explore. The game features a truly in-depth customisation system comparable to that of Forza Motosport’s, and offers over 40 vehicles to choose from. You’re really spoilt for choice with this title, which is set to be released on the 8th of October 2014.
‘Click here to see the E3 gameplay trailer for ‘The Crew’.

Project Cars 21/11/14

‘Project CARS’ is on the complete other side of the spectrum compared to ‘The Crew’, ‘Slightly Mad Studios’ have completely focused on aesthetics and realism. Project CARS (Community Assisted Racing Simulator), is a barebones driving simulator with quite possibly the best graphics ever before seen in a driving game. Initially a PC exclusive, the game has since been announced for next-gen consoles, but when running on a high-end pc at max settings, Project CARS pretty much looks like real life.
Let the game speak for itself, here’s Project CARS’ gameplay trailer. 

That’s our preview of the upcoming driving games coming out this year, let us know which one has you the most excited!