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Mobile Speed Cameras Located in Sussex

posted on Dec 16 2013 by Jade Hensby

Mobile Speed Cameras Located in Sussex

The Sussex safer roads partnership has released a list of every single location where mobile speed cameras will be operating during December 2013, and police will be in 80 locations throughout the month looking to catch drivers breaking the speed limit.

Drivers are entitled to know where each camera is located, as they are only intended as a deterrent rather than a way to make money. The Safer Roads Partnership was unable to reveal what specific days they would be at the locations though. These mobile speed cameras will also working alongside the fixed speed cameras around Sussex. So make sure youre driving safely during the Christmas period around Brighton and Hove!

The full list of mobile speed cameras locations are as follows:

-C405 Gossops Drive, Gosssops Green, Crawley - Outside 140 Gossops Drive

-A23 London Road, junction with Manor Royal, Crawley

-C142 Worth Road, Pound Hill, Crawley - Outside community centre

-A259 - Icklesham

-B2093, The Ridge, Hastings - Opposite junction with Sandrock Park

-B2093, The Ridge, Hastings - Opposite footpath to Telham Close

-A28, Westfield - On grass verge outside Churchfields

-Hastings - A21 Sedlescombe Road, North Silverhill - Sedlescombe North near Ledsham Ave

-Sedlescombe - A21 Marley Lane - Layby on A21

-North Trade Road, Battle - A271 opposite Battle Gates

-Robertsbridge - A21 Slides Farm layby - In southbound layby north of roundabout

-Hurst Green - A21

-A271 Hailsham Road, Herstmonceux - 33 metres east of Fiennes Road outside fire station

-Westham - A27 Hankham Hall overbridge

-B2203 Hailsham Road, Heathfield - On driveway east side of B2203, approximately 60 metres north of Collingwood Avenue

-B2203 Hailsham Road, Heathfield - Southern verge of junction with Pine Tree Road

-B2104 Ersham Road, Hailsham - Outside 33 Ersham Road

-Polegate - A27 Shepham Lane overbridge - Shrpham Lane overbridge

-A26 Eridge Road, Eridge Green - Opposite Yew Tree House

-A26 Eridge Road - Steel Cross Crowborough - in layby 180m south of Boarshead Roundabout

-B2100 Crowborough Hill, Crowborough - west of North Beeches Road outside Craigmore Hall

-A26 Uckfield Road - Poundgate, Crowborough - In layby opposite Crow & GateA

-Laughton - Laughton Road - Bus stop on B2124, opposite the Roebuck Inn

-Laughton B2124 near Broomham Lane - Layby on B2124, east of Laughton, south side of road, west of Broomham Lane

-A26NewRoad, South Heighton - In northbound layby near Heighton Road

-A259 Marine Drive, Saltdean - 60 metres west of junction with Arundel Road West

-A22 High Street, Nutley - near Crossways outside The Garage House

-B2111 Lewes Road, Lindfield - Lewis Road, opposite Noah's Arc Cottage

-Haywards Heath - Northlands Avenue - Layby opposite Larch Way near medical centre

-Warninglid - A23, B2115 overbridge

-3 Broxmead Lane, Bolney - On Broxmead Lane overbridge

-Albourne - A23, B2116 overbridge

-Pyecombe - A23 Dale Hill, A281 overbridge

-Pyecombe - A23 junction with A273 - A23 southbound on police stand at exit from petrol station

-Upper Beeding - A2037 Small Dole

-Cowfold - A272 Boney Road - Layby southside opposite Fairfield Cottages

-Pondtail Road, Horsham - Outside 1 Pontail Road

-A281 Guildford Road, Horsham - Outside 37 Horsham Road

-Slinfold - A29 Stane Street

-A283 near Pipers Lane, Northchapel - Opposite Dove Cottage, 25 metres north of junction with Pipers Lane

-B2070 London Road, Rake - 180 metres east of Rake CofE School

-Tillington - A272 Midhurst Road - Just west of the Dean Lane, South Lane crossroads

-A285 Station Road, Petworth - Layby opposite junction with Martlet Road

-B2138 Lower Street, Fittleworth - Outside track to sewage works and Lower Street House

-Coldwaltham - A29 London Road - Near to Lodge Hill Centre

-A283 Lower Street (East), Pulborough - Layby by Alpha Cottages

-Hambrook - Broad Road - Outside 'Flat farm'

-A27 - Fishbourne to Emsworth - From Newells Lane overbridge

-A259, Fishbourne - Outside Fishbourne Farm House

-A27 - Fishbourne to Emsworth - Salthill Road overbridge

-A285 - Stane Street, Halnaker - 85 metres north east of Tinwood Lane

-Aldingbourne - A27 Norton Lane - Norton Lane central reservation

-A29 Westergate Street, Aldingbourne - Outside Aldingbourne Cottage

-Arundel - A27 Binsted - Eastbound bus stop near Havenwood Park

-C48 Chalcraft Lane, Bognor Regis - Outside 1 The Hollys

-Bognor Regis - C506 West Meads Drive - Outside community college approx 50 metres north west of Amberley Road

-B2166 Aldwick Road, Bognor Regis - Outside 172 Aldwick Road

-Bognor - Rowan Way - Rowan Way near Woodlands Road

-A259 Hotham Way, Bognor Regis - By entrance to lorry park

-A29 Shripney Road, Bognor Regis - near Tesco

-A29 Shripney Road, Bognor Regis - Outside electrical substation, adjacent to Riverside Caravan Park

-Poling - A27 Arundel Road - in service road

-A280 Long Furlong, Patching - On southbound carriageway, near to village hall entrance

-C274 The Boulevard, Worthing - Outside 55 The Boulevard and 4 The Boulevard

-A2032 Littlehampton Road - Poulter's Lane, Worthing - Pavement at Little Gables, opposite 101 Littlehampton Road

-C252 West Parade, Worthing - Near junction with Rye Close

-A259 Brighton Road, Lancing - Outside Ariel Court

-A27 Upper Brighton Road, Lancing - near Grand Avenue - Opposite 36 Fetherston Road and cemetery

-A27 Holmbush, Shoreham - On westbound carriageway

-B2066 New Church Road, Hove - Near Wish Road

-A259 Kingsway, Hove - near Langdale Gardens - Opposite Braemore Court, halfway between junctions with Langdale Gardens

-38 Hangleton Road, Hove - near 260 Hangleton Road

-Hove - A259 Kingsway (First Avenue) Between First and Second Avenue

-Shirley Drive, Hove - Outside 28 Shirley Drive


-Carden Avenue, Brighton - Outside 282/284 Carden Avenue service road

-A259 Marine Parade, Brighton - near Portland Place - Opposite pedestrian lift to Maderia Drive and 124 Marine Parade

-A259 Black Rock, Brighton - 20 metres east of junction with Arundel Street

-Brighton - Wilson Avenue (South) - Near 21 Wilson Avenue

-B2123 Falmer Road, Brighton - Woodingdean - Opposite junction with Crescent Drive South

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