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£255 - MITSUBISHI Outlander 2.0 DI-D Warrior 7 Seater with Leather

posted on Aug 05 2008 by Kyle McWilton

£255 - MITSUBISHI Outlander 2.0 DI-D Warrior 7 Seater with Leather

We have a limited ammount of this highly spec'd Mitsubishi Outlander Warrior with leather trim, and from experience these are going to sell out in no time at all. Available to both business users and private individuals you can contract hire lease this vehicle on 2 or 3 year agreements.

For further information please speak to the Leasing Team on 01273 789 900 or view our latest MItsubishi Outlander lease deals here. Mitsubishi is not new to the 4X4 market and has been making the Shogun since 1992, but the Outlander really is something different! The designers have made sure the Outlander hasall the right 4x4 styling cues and drive to all four wheels, but they have been a bit clever and developed it with on-road driving dynamics as a priority.

Don't mistake it and think that it can barely cope with more than a muddy car park, though: its electronically-controlled 4WD system and high ground clearance mean that it can go most places owners are likely to ask it, plus it can also tow up to 2,000kg. The Outlanderhas been cleverlybuilt on Mitsubishi's new Lancer small family car platform, that has been developed in partnership with DaimlerChrysler.

That means that it shares much of its underpinnings with the Dodge Caliber and Nitro SUV - and also the Jeep Compass and Patriot, which can only add to its off-roading credibility. It has two further sister models, too: the Citroen C-Crosser and the Peugeot 4007, effectively Outlanders built by Mitsubishi for PSA, but fitted with new front ends and different interiors.

In the Mitsubishi form at least, it's a well-specified, practical family vehicle, striking-looking and smart. Entry-level Equippe versions come as five-seaters while this Warrior on offer has an extra foldaway pair of seats to accommodate two more. All seems well put-together in the Outlanders we've seen so far, and while it doesn't have the interior finish of, say, an Audi Q7 (a far more expensive vehicle, of course) it's nicely done for a car in the £20,000-25,000 price bracket.

The Mitsubishi Outlander isan enjoyable drive, with accurate steering, well-controlled body roll and an adept suspension system. The active Stability Control (as used in the Evo IX) is a standard-fit and in the 4WD 'auto' mode, when torque is automatically transferred between the axles, grip is excellent.Selecting between 2WD (front-wheel-drive), 4WD Auto and 4WD Lock modes - the latter for when you face difficult conditions and more slippery surfaces - is via a button on the central console, but apart from this, it's all done for you.