Messing about on the water!!! August 2008

posted on Aug 23 2008 by Jade Hensby

Messing about on the water!!! August 2008

At GMC Car Leasing after weeks and weeks of hard work and fantastic results, we like to let our hair down and have a few laughs together, well in this case more wind in our hair!!! What better way to spend a day out together than to charter a 50ft Yacht and mess about on the water.

After meeting at Hamble marina at 10am we met our Skipper for the day "AL". We has to fill in a form to say that if we drowned it was our own fault before we had a tour of our boat which included 5 double bedrooms, 2 toilets, lounge with flat screen, kitchen and navigation area. We had the usual life jacket routine and then it was off and only minutes after the skipper 3 point turned this monster on what seemed like a 50 pence piece, it was off and I was asked to take the helm.

Our boat was not alone as we headed out of harbour although we did tower over every one else. Maz did a quick round of Teas and Coffees before the skipper started yelling instructions to hoist sails as we headed out into deeper water. Before we knew it Duncan, Jon, Matt and Dan were busy winching as the boat tacked from Port to Starboard on many occassions to avoid the White Link Ferries (sure they were driven by road rage pirates) and a Sand Bank.

It was at this point there were a few statements that it would have been easier to be in Work for day, but we all soon got to hand with what needed to be done and as usual the GMC Car Leasing team were running like a well oiled machine!!!! 1 Hour later we approached Cowes and it was down with the sails as we motored up the estuary to the "The Folly" where we would hang out for a few hours to wet the whistles and fill the bellies.

The boat we had chartered was too large to berth outside the Folly so we had to moor opposite and ride the "Ferry" back and forth. As we ate lunch and drunk, and drunk some more the majority of us were completely oblivious that the sun was scorching down on us and many of us were to feel the after effects of this later that day and the day after. It was soon time for homeward bound and we motored back down the estuary before hoisting sails once more and headed back into deep water.

The wind had died a little at this point slowing our course but with a little tacking enabled us to catch some wind and before long we were leaning nicely with white water.  An hour soon passes and it was soon time to return to the marina where we promptly headed for the Marina Bar and catch a few more rays. The group split with 4 returning home for the comforts of their own beds whilst the hardy 4 remained to bunk down onboard our yacht and eating out in Hamble village.

It was a fantastic day as many of us had never sailed or been aboard such an outstanding yacht. We had many laughs, usually at some ones elses expense and it was a great opportunity for us all to let of some steam and get to know one another outside of the office. If you want have a go your self you can charter the Yacht we sailed or others like it from Fairview in Hamble marina