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Mercedes to replace CL with new S Class coupe

posted on Jan 02 2013 by Sam Jones

Mercedes to replace CL with new S Class coupe

Mercedes is to expand its S Class range with a new coupe model planned as a replacement to the current CL. As a direct rival to the Bentley Continental GT, the new S Class coupe will be much more aggressive looking than the CL.

The coupe is not the only new model to join the S Class range, with a cabriolet version also in the pipeline. This means the new line-up will consist of five models in three different bodystyles and wheelbase lengths. The flagship saloon model will also be replaced in three different lengths.

The redesigned S Class saloon will have a more distinctive appearance after customer feedback found that the current model was lacking in this area in comparison to its Bentley and Rolls-Royce rivals. It will be available in standard, long and extra-long-wheelbase forms. Each version will share the same basic styling, only for different rear door and window lengths corresponding to the different wheelbases.

The first of these new cars to be revealed to the world will be the standard and long-wheelbase versions of the saloon model, which will be shown later this year at the 2013 Frankfurt motor show. We will have to wait until the 2014 Beijing motor show before seeing the extra-long-wheelbase version. Its also expected the S Class coupe will make its debut at the 2014 Geneva motor show, while the cabriolet will be aired at next year's Paris motor show.