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Mercedes - The Most Leased Car in Quarter 2 2018

posted on Aug 13 2018 by LYNC

Mercedes - The Most Leased Car in Quarter 2 2018

With Quarter 2 under the belt, the stats are now in, and the manufacturer of the most ordered cars of the quarter is Mercedes.

The growth of Merc in Quarter 2 from Quarter 1 was a whopping 105% (, and overtook Audi - who featured in Quarter 1's top spot, and reduced them to placement 7 in this quarter. Thereby, Mercedes grabbed much of Audi's market, as the latter's lease orders decreased by 71%.

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Along with Mercedes, Kia saw great advancement in peformance, mainly thanks to the Kia Sportage model, which saw good deals, and which proved very popular in this past quarter.

Kia moved from sixth place in Quarter 1 to second place in Quarter 2. Kia is proving to be a much more desireable manufacturer of late, and really coming up in the general consensus of good, decent car brands.

Volkswagon, BMW, Vauxhall, Ford and Mitsubishi all featured in the Top Ten and their positions in this last quarter remained fairly constant from that of Quarter 1.


1 Mercedes-Benz (3)

2 Kia (6)

3 Volkswagen (2)

4 BMW (5)

5 JLR (4)

6 Nissan (9)

7 Audi (1)

8 Vauxhall (-)

9 Ford (7)

10 Mitsubishi (10)  

Source: Fleet Procure