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New Mercedes E350 Sport deal

posted on May 17 2012 by Jon Bardill

We have just been offered a an amazingly cheap deal on a batch of top of the range Mercedes E350 Sport Auto saloons. These are the Edition 125 spec cars so come with COMMAND as standard thats usually a 1900 cost option. They have other cost options included, also at no extra cost.

Mercedes E350

Only 6 stock cars are available so if of interest, plaese get in touch with us ASAP. These really are very cheap cars and will be gone quikcly!  To see other lease deals on Mercedes E Cass Estates or other variants please view our deals finder here.

Please call our sales team on 01273 789 900 or email us at enquiries@leaseyournextcar.ciom for further details. Or visit the website at

Mercedes E350 Interal

So much space!

Mercedes E350 Interal