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Mercedes CLA stars at the Detroit motor show

posted on Jan 15 2013 by Sam Jones

Mercedes CLA stars at the Detroit motor show

A couple of weeks ago, the brand new Mercedes CLA was revealed ahead of its official debut. Now the CLA may be the standout star of the Detroit motor show.

The front wheel drive, four-door CLA is based on the exceptionally popular A Class, which last year gave Mercedes its most successful launch to date. Both cars are based on the same chassis underpinnings, with the same range of engines, and share the aim of appealing to a younger demographic. The CLA, however, has been styled with racier looks that have been receiving widespread acclaim in Detroit. The sleek aerodynamic design also means the CLA has a drag coefficient of just 0.22cd, better than any other mass produced car in the world, which will benefit fuel efficiency.

With an expected starting price of £25,000 it seems as though Mercedes are onto another winner. Thats around 2,000 cheaper than its corresponding C Class models, despite the CLA also being longer. Mercedes will be hoping the warm response from Detroit is seen again in the UK when the CLA reaches our market in late spring.

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