Mercedes C180K Car Leasing Deal

posted on Dec 02 2009 by Kyle McWilton

Mercedes C180K Car Leasing Deal

As you may have seen from our car leasing website, we've got a great leasing deal on the new Mercedes C180k. So what's new about the new Mercedes C-Class As you can see, it looks the part: An imposing front grill and sleek lines and contours. It is just what you want from a prestigue marque. But I won't waste words on the visuals, you can see them for yourself. Here's the extra level of detail Mercedes have applied to this new c-class.


COMAND is a complete multimedia and navigation system that takes the new C-Class Saloon to another level, optionally available for all models. (The Mercedes C180K Executive SE car leasing deal currently featuring as our deal of the week, includes this as standard.) All functions can be easily accessed via the central controller dial, using the multi-function steering wheel or via the integrated Linguatronic voice-activated control system. And with a high-resolution 7" flip-up colour display positioned at the same level as the instrument cluster, COMAND is very easy to get along with. The 30GB hard-disk based navigation system offers high-resolution maps for digitised areas of Europe, so planning your route couldn't be simpler.

The in-built Traffic Message Channel (TMC) function helps you avoid unwanted delays along the way by offering you alternative routes to avoid roadworks. Radiotext+ information is also available with COMAND. As for entertainment, you're spoilt for choice. The integrated 6-disc DVD changer plays CDs and MP3 files as well as video and audio DVDs, while Music Register enables the copying and saving of music and compressed audio files (e.g. MP3) to the internal 6GB hard disc from memory cards via the integrated PCMCIA slot. So whether you're cruising the motorways on the way to your next meeting, or taking the family out for the weekend, you'll have plenty to keep you and your passengers entertained. After doing a bit of research into the safety features of this car, it's this area of the Mercedes C-Class that had me particularly impressed.


First unveiled in 2002, the primary aim of the Pre-Safe anticipatory safety system is to make the most of the invaluable seconds that so often go to waste just before an accident happens. The sensors at the heart of the ESP and BAS systems detect critical driving situations such as heavy oversteer or understeer, critical steering movements, panic braking and emergency stops. The Pre-Safe electronics process this information and initiate anticipatory measures to protect occupants and reduce the likelihood of injury.

For instance the front seat belts are automatically tensioned to provide better support while, with the optional Memory Package (including 4-way lumbar support) the front passenger seat is automatically repositioned to place the occupant in the optimum safety position. To further reduce the risk of injury from flying debris, the electric side windows and optional panoramic fixed glass sunroof also close automatically. As you would expect, the Pre-Safe system is fitted as standard equipment in the new C-Class Saloon.

Adaptive Breaking System

In hazardous driving situations, even a fraction of a second can make a huge difference. The standard Adaptive Brake System is designed to use those valuable split seconds effectively. When driving in the wet, for example, a film of water can form on the brake discs resulting in a decrease in brake performance. But adaptive brake technology is so precise, it can remove this film of water by imperceptibly applying the brakes for an instant.

This brake drying function ensures the brakes are optimised in the wet. Priming is another clever safety measure. If the accelerator pedal is released abruptly, the Adaptive Brake System anticipates the driver's intentions and brings the brake pads closer to the brake discs. Should the driver then apply the brakes, the response time is significantly faster, helping to reduce stopping distances. The Adaptive Brake System also incorporates Hill Start Assist, a support function that prevents the car rolling backwards when moving off on an uphill gradient. In the event of emergency braking, flashing brake lights are activated warning traffic approaching from behind, resulting in both a reduction in response time and stopping distance. Hazard warning lights are also automatically activated after emergency braking from high speed.

Intelligent Light System

The Intelligent Light System is a new option for C-Class. Iteuros based on Mercedes' bi-xenon headlamp system, with the dipped beam headlights adapting automatically to your driving situation. For instance, the illumination is wider on a country road while on motorways the range of the beam is increased significantly. The Intelligent Light System features enhanced fog lamps as well as the Active Light System. When indicating, the corresponding front fog lamp also illuminates to highlight the road ahead, whilst the Active Light System follows the driver's steering input with a curved beam of light to provide greater visibility while negotiating bends.

Occupant Protection Systems

The numerous occupant protection systems fitted to the new C-Class can significantly reduce the risk of injury during an accident. Examples include the Neck-Pro active head restraints, a standard feature on the front seats: when a sensor detects an impact from the rear, the head restraints thrust forwards in just a few milliseconds to reduce the gap between the cushion and the occupant's head to reduce the risk of whiplash injury.

The new C-Class is also equipped with seat belt pre-tensioners on the front and outer rear seats and with a host of airbags. These include two-stage driver and front-passenger airbags, sidebags as well as windowbags extending over both rows of seats, providing a protection zone which covers virtually the entire area of the side windows. The sidebags and windowbags are controlled by pressure sensors; assisting the control unit with an appropriate and safe deployment of the relevant airbags. New to the C-Class, the standard knee airbag on the driver's side completes the array of airbags.

To reduce follow-on accidents after a collision and aid the rescue of occupants, various measures can be adopted depending on the type and severity of the accident: for instance, the engine can be turned off automatically and the fuel supply cut off. The side windows are lowered a fraction if necessary and the door locks automatically released, while crash active lighting automatically activates the hazard warning lights to warn other traffic and emergency interior lights to help re-orient occupants. So you can see Mercedes have spent a great deal of time making the C-Class one of the safest cars to drive. So you know your ride will be safe, but will you still enjoy driving the new Mercedes C-Class In short, yes. But here's some facts to tell you why...

Agility Control Package

Standard on the new C-Class Saloon, the Agility Control Package with Selective Damping System raises the bar for ride comfort without compromising on precision and control. This intelligent suspension set-up recognises the road conditions and adapts the damping behaviour accordingly. So, on a smoother road surface an integral valve reduces the damping force automatically to accommodate the smaller shocks. This significantly reduces road roar and tyre vibration, and improves the chassis' characteristics, while maintaining high levels of active safety and comfort.

On a more challenging surface the system reinstates full damping to cope with the heavier shocks. This helps to stabilise the entire vehicle, enhancing safety and giving you greater peace of mind. When combined with the improved shorter-throw manual transmission and speed-sensitive parameter steering (standard on Sport and optional on SE Elegance models), the result is a more involved driving experience that doesn't compromise comfort or ride quality. So far this article has been talking about the new features on the Mercedes C-Class in general. But as we've currenty got a deal on a new C180K Executive SE model, here's a short paragraph from Mercedes about that model in particular:

The Executive SE Model

Building on the already impressive specification of the SE, the C-Class Executive SE features an array of additional equipment as standard. Styling enhancements include the eye-catching Sport grille and chrome trim on the boot lid and tailpipe. Other highlights include exclusive 16 alloy wheels and the COMAND multimedia system with hard-disk navigation. Power is provided by the C 180 K BlueEFFICIENCY engine, which delivers superb economy without compromising performance or driving pleasure.

As with all C-Class models, you'll benefit from exceptional levels of comfort and safety. What's more, in choosing the Executive SE you'll enjoy savings of over 2,200 compared to purchasing the equipment separately. Speaking of costs, how does the Mercedes do in terms of economy, CO2 and tax Using the entry level C-Class as an example: The C-Class's 1.8-litre engine has been replaced by a 1.6-litre, still boosted by a supercharger. It produces 156bhp and 230Nm of torque from 3,000rpm. There is plenty of pulling power and drivers can move quickly through the gears euro which is key to the new car's efficiency.

Mercedes has fitted a dashboard indicator telling you when to change up. And even when the light advises you to select fifth at 30mph, the car copes well. In addition, lower suspension, energy-saving tyres and more aerodynamic door mirrors help make the C-Class more slippery. The manufacturer claims the newcomer returns an average of 44.8mpg and emits 149g/km of CO2. An improvement of nearly 10 per cent on the standard C-Class. And for the company car drivers among you, the benefit-in-kind is a bearable 17%.

Leasing the new Mercedes C-Class is surprisingly affordable, too. You can currently lease the C-Class with deals starting at £279 per month. And for personal agreements, deals start at £322 per month.