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New shape Mercedes Benz E Class Leasing and contract hire.

posted on May 01 2008 by Jade Hensby

New shape Mercedes Benz E Class Leasing and contract hire.

The new Mercedes Benz E Class will soon be on our roads and with over a million variants of the current generation already sold the model's crucial position in the Mercedes line-up will no doubt be as strong as ever.

The exterior lines are clearly inspired by the new Mercedes Benz C Class,however with that car's more aggressive features softened somewhat.This new E Class is still a considerably more sporty looking car than the existing model with a long bonnet, sleek windowlin, e a big S Class inspired rump finished with Fat trapezoid exhausts.

From the front the most notable featureare facelifted SL style headlights.Assuming the guys at Mercedes stick withtheir traditionalline of thought process the car will launch with engines from the existing model while new powerplants are developed for a mid-life facelift. As such expect the 3-litre V6 diesel from the current E280 and E320 CDI to underpin the range, with Bluetec and hybrid versions likely to follow.

Business car contract hire & Personal / Private car contract hire rentals have not yet been launched although hear about it first here.

There are some bargains to be had with the current Mercedes Benz E Class with prices starting from under £400 per month + VAT. For a personalised Business car contract hire or Personal / Private car contract hire quotation on a Mercedes Benz E Class please contact us on 01273 789 900 today.  You can also view our full range of Mercedes-Benz lease deals on all variants.