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£340 - MERCEDES-BENZ C CLASS C220 CDI Sport Auto

posted on Jul 04 2008 by Kyle McWilton

This is an exclusive offer based on 20 cars that we have access to but at this price it wont be long before they are sold. This offer is available for both private and business contract hire leasing and different mileages and terms are available. To avoid disappointment please speak to the Leasing Team now on 01273 789 900 or view the latest Mercedes-Benz lease deals here.

The smooth curves of the previous C-class are now a thing of the past, replaced with something far more edgy and, dare we say it, rather modern. The New Mercedes-Benz C Classis bigger all round and the designers have added another 45mm in the wheelbase and more shoulder room. Passenger space has always been the weakness of compact premium cars in the compact executive segment, and with the cheaper and hugely competent cars like the new Ford Mondeo offering limo levels of comfort, space can't be ignored.

The Key to this Sport Model is the Agility Control suspension that has adaptive damping. It's a pretty simple system, just two stages and hydromechanical rather than electronic, but comes as standard on all models. And it puts C-Class handling on a new level. There's tight chassis control and sharp turn-in, and the result is a new level of driver entertainment.

The C-Class Sport gets speed-sensitive steering with a welcome degree of extra weight, plus a slightly lower ride height. Being a Mercedes there is, of course, the full suite of active safety installed to try and prevent you make a complete fool of yourself when you breach the boundaries. But they don't really intrude on the fun.