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£159 Mercedes Benz B150SE

posted on Oct 13 2008 by Kyle McWilton

20! Yes 20 is the number of B150 SE Mercedes Benz we have and at the crazy price of 159.99 + VAT based on a 2 year 3=23 contract hire car leasing agreement they will soon all be completely sold out. This offer is open to both business usres and personal individuals, but hurry before they all go! For more details please speak to the car leasing ream on 01273 789 900.

The alphabetic approach taken by Mercedes Benz helps you figure out how they all relate to each other. As its name suggests, the Mercedes Benz B-Class is considerably larger than the Mercedes Benz A-Class, but smaller in length than the C-Class, and it is priced between the two accordingly. It is built on a lengthened version of the A-Class's underpinnings, using a 'sandwich' floor to package some of the drivetrain under the cabin, freeing up more passenger and luggage space than a conventional saloon or hatchback.

It is without any doubt this Mercedes Benz B-Class is a much bigger car than the A-Class being fractionally taller and 43cm longer overall and with a 21cm longer wheelbase. Compared with the C-Class it is 25cm shorter than the but at the same time it is 18cm taller and 6cm longer in wheelbase, even before you add the packaging advantages of that sandwich floor: its boot is actually 60 litres bigger than that of the C-Class estate. The B-Class will rival cars like the Renault Scenic, Vauxhall Zafira, Ford Focus C-MAX, Honda FR-V and Volkswagen Touran or Golf Plus, as well as providing an alternative to compact 4x4s and family estates. It is not a 7 seater as many of its competitors however its biggest selling point is that for the moment, it's the only car of this type around wearing a posh German badge.

You will notice that the first time the Mercedes Benz B-Class really feels like a luxury car is when you first move off. Like the new A-Class, it has variable-rate dampers, which allow for soft responses at low speeds and firmer behaviour at higher speed. The steering assistance is also speed-sensitive, so when driving in town you enjoy almost effortless manoeuvring and excellent isolation from the noise and harshness of the road surface. The standard ESP stability control includes a steer control function, giving the driver the correct amount of steering assistance in emergency manoeuvres and correcting the tendency to veer when braking hard on surfaces with different grip levels, while there's also ABS with brake assist, ASR (acceleration skid control) and stability control.

Adaptive front and side airbags are standard, along with front and rear curtain bags. Those up front also get adaptive belt force tensioners and active head restraints to protect against whiplash injuries. Mercedes claims significant safety advantages for the sandwich floor concept, which it claims allows the engine to slide under, rather than into, the cabin in a frontal impact and which also raises occupants above the likely contact point in a side impact. We've had to leave one of the more impressive aspects of the B-Class to last. Although its cabin may not beguile you with its luxury and craftsmanship, it is spacious and flexible - if not quite as large as a Zafira's.

The driving position is excellent with an impressive range of adjustment, though surprisingly for such a tall car, tall drivers should check they have enough headroom if ordering the sunroof. There's more headroom in the rear; the B-Class will take four big blokes and one small one and give them all legroom to spare. At 550 litres the boot is vast. The boot floor can be set higher to create more space in the hidden stowage area beneath and to create a flat load floor with the rear seats folded. The rear seat bases tip forward but can be removed altogether to create a longer load bay. As an option the rear seat backs and the entire front passenger seat can be removed altogether, as on the A-Class. As with the A-Class, we wonder how many buyers will want or need to turn their premium hatchback into a van, especially given that the rear seats fold virtually flat and the front seat-back folds right over as standard anyway.