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£139.99-Mercedes Benz A150 Classic SE

posted on Jun 20 2008 by Jon Bardill

£139.99-Mercedes Benz A150 Classic SE

This Mercedes Benz A150 Classic SE5dr is availble for Business and Private Contract Hire Car Leasing from only £139.99 + VATbased on a 2 year contract 3+23 10k mpa non maintained.Different milages and terms are available and for a personalised car leasing quotation please speak to the Team today on 01273 789 900 or submit a quote request form.

Despite this more conventional sizing policy, a number of A-Class trademarks are carried over. The latest generation car is built on an all-new platform but structural features such as the innovative sandwich floor remain. Drop inside and youll instantly appreciate the gulf in quality between this car and the outgoing model. The dashboard looks like a scaled down version of the E-Class fascia think premium not Palitoy and has been developed with the help of a shiny Berlin customer clinic where everything from materials to switch feel to door slam and indicator sounds have been exhaustively tested.

The first generation A-Class models were woefully short of Mercedes Benz look and feel inside, although later versions rectified this to a certain extent. The second-generation car features soft touch fascia surfaces, sleek switchgear, and a glove compartment lid that closes like an Aspreys jewellery box rather than a CD case. About the best compliment you can pay it is that it now actually feels like a Mercedes.