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Mercedes-Benz A150 Classic SE 5 door Automatic

posted on Oct 30 2008 by Kyle McWilton

Mercedes-Benz A150 Classic SE 5 door Automatic

This Mercedes Benz A Class A150 Classic SE 5 door automatic offer is based on either a 3 year 3+35 or 2 Year 3 + 23 contract hire leasing agreement and is available to both business users and personal individuals. Also available as a 2 Year 6+23 from £139 or a 3 Year 6+35 from £136. For more information please call the  ar Leasing team on 01273 789 900 or have a look at our latest Mercedes-Benz A Class lease deals. We only have a few of these cars, in stock and ready for delivery in November '08.

To apply online follow this link Mercedes-Benz has sold some 1,700,000 A-Classes since launch of the innovative original A-Class in 1999. The A-Class - somewhere between a compact MPV and a conventional supermini in concept, with a high roof and driving position yet modest exterior dimensions - has proved its worth as a city car. Ask yourself if your comparing the cost of contract hire or car leasing what would you rather have parked on the driveway at this incredibly low monthly rental. A big improvement of the new A Class is the feeling of heavy, Germanic solidity and there is definately nothing flimsy about it.

The plastics are thick, the pile of the upholstery and carpeting is deep and even the feel of the rear seats as you fold them is reassuringly over-engineered. Now unlike the original this is a proper Mercedes in miniature rather than just a small car with a Mercedes badge and whats more is it drives and handles like a larger, heavier car too. It's noticeably refined and smooth which means that you could step out of an E Class or a S Class into the A Class and feel the cars were made in the same factory by the same people. before you contract hire or lease any other vehicle just take a look at the specification you get on this Mercedes A150 Classic SE Auto.

This A Class comes with euroParameter' electro-mechanical speed-sensitive power steering which is what you will find in the larger cars giving the steering a big car eurofeel'. Safety has been improved and in addition to the adaptive front airbags there are head-thorax side airbags for driver and front passenger with active head restraints. Driving is made simple with a multi-function steering wheel which is standard across the range, together with a trip computer display.

The five-door body has a unique double height rear load area enabling you to achieve a flat, sill free floor with the back seats down. This Mercedes Benz A Class A150 Classic SE comes with a factory fitted integrated radio and CD player and internally you will see there are bigger, better, very comfortable seats for five. There has not been a trick mised and there is even a transponder recognises if a rear-facing child seat is fitted in the front and automatically deactivates the passenger airbag, reactivating it again when a forward facing passenger uses the seat. There is even an indicator to tell the driver if a rear passenger has not buckled up their lap/diagonal seatbelt.

And, with no door sills and high seats, it's very easy to get in and out of. Remember the most basic Mercedes Benz A-Class from your local Mercedes Dealership is normally much more than this starting from £199 so what we have here the Mercedes Benz A Class A150 Classic SE and with the automatic gearbox is amazing value for money. Contract Hire Car Leasing is the route to go and to find out more about this leasing offer please speak to us on 01273 789 900.