Mercedes AMG Night Edition Vs Outgoing AMG Sport Model

posted on Jul 10 2015 by Jon Bardill

Mercedes AMG Night Edition Vs Outgoing AMG Sport Model

I have been driving an outgoing model AMG Sport model for the last 2 years on my previous lease. It’s the first Mercedes I have had on lease.  I was thoroughly impressed with it both performance and spec wise.

Having driven a BMW and Audi on previous leases in recent years, the Mercedes very much lived up to its billing.  Fuel economy was not outstanding, but good all the same.  Around town I was getting 32 MPG+ and on a motor way run, up around 40MPG.  The whole life MPG on the car was 32.6 MPG over 24 months.  That was on a C250 CDI Auto Estate, so fairly decent.  Nowhere near the sort of figures banded around by the manufacturers, but decent all the same.

Mercedes-Benz C Class Estate AMG Night Edition


I now have the E220 CDI Auto Saloon and am seeing very similar stats MPG wise after 3 months with the car.  Averaging around town 31 MPG+ and on a recent motorway run, 39 MPG. So although a bigger car the overall performance fuel wise is again, decent if not outstanding.

Spec wise, I am pretty impressed with the new AMG Night Edition. I upgraded the car slightly to19” Wheels and Metallic Paint, but apart from that, it’s a standard car.  They come pretty much fully loaded with:

Full Leather, Electric Seats, Climate Control, AMG Wheels, COMMAND Online (Inc sat nav), Bluetooth, Heated Seats.  It’s a very long list if I’m honest.  I think standard spec wise its stands up very well against its similar BMW and Audi counterparts.

The lack of a traditional gear shifter was a surprise and took a bit of getting used to being steering wheel mounted. But now I really like it and the thought of having the “old style” seems a bit antiquated for some reason.

Over all I am very impressed with the car and think the new AMG Night edition is a real improvement on the outgoing AMG Sport model. I’d very much recommend it. I know there is a new E class due out at the end of the year and the current shape that’s been around for 5 years now, can look quite boxy compared to the new more rounded, streamlined models launched by Mercedes in the last couple of years. But all in all, it’s a great car and I’m very much a Mercedes convert, specially the new Night Edition E Class.

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