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£179 - MAZDA MX-5 1.8 + Option Pack

posted on Aug 09 2008 by Kyle McWilton are pleased to announce that the price has been slashed by over £40 a month! This Contract Hire Leasingoffer is available to Business users only and at this price they will soon all sell be sold. Reserve yours today and speak to the Team on 01273 789 900.

The world record breaking Mazda MX-5 Roadster is currently in its third generation and haseven been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records since 2000 for being the best selling two seat roadster of all time, with over 716,000 sold worldwide - 67,000 officially in the UK - since the original launch in 1989. Now you just have to want to drive one of these dont you! The Mazda MX-5 hasagain and again scored highly in customer satisfaction ratings such as JD Power and also has an excellent reliability record.

The Mazda MX5 is extremely well put together, with consistent narrow shutlines inside and out, and expensive materials used throughout the cabin. The manual folding roof on this MX-5we have on offer isthe symbol of simplicity - fits snugly against the windscreen and windows. The Mazda MX-5's light weight of 1080Kg and rear-drive layout make it an extremely nimble little car, entertaining the enthusiastic driver with the odd tail-slide if you so wish. The softness of the suspension, however, does make the MX-5 ride with impeccable efficiency, riding over pot-holed patchwork tarmac without fuss.

The hydraulic power steering carries over from the old model to give amazing feedback as to what's happening under the front wheels. A Thatcham Category 1 alarm and immobiliser are standard fit, with remote central locking on all models.  View latest offers on the Mazda MX-5 here.