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Mazda Targets 30% Fuel Consumption Reduction For 2015

posted on Oct 22 2010 by Adam Kenney

Mazda Targets 30% Fuel Consumption Reduction For 2015

Mazda has recently announced details of its next-generation powertrain technologies "SKYACTIV" which it expects to "redefine efficiency, power and performance."    

To be launched in 2011, these include new engines, transmissions, bodyshells and platforms that will offer major reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions for all Mazda models.

Initially Mazda will concentrate on lightweight construction whilst maintaining strength, along with improving conventional powertrain technologies. In further phases, efficiency improving technologies, such as regenerative brake systems and hybrid power systems, will be introduced.  You can read more about Mazda's SKYACTIV technology here. Mazda's goal is a 30% reduction on the fuel consumption of its global fleet by 2015.

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