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Mad Max, A Petrolhead's Dream

posted on May 15 2015 by Kiri Nowak

Mad Max, A Petrolhead's Dream

According to Top Gear, Mad Max ‘makes Fast & Furious look like Downton Abbey’. If you love adrenaline fuelled action movies where cars crash into each other every 30 seconds then this is the movie for you. This new blockbuster is ideal for petrolheads and showcases a monstrous selection of insane cars.

Image credit - SlashGear

This film had a whopping $150 million budget, which definitely gave producers the opportunity to get hold of some rather epic cars, most of which were smashed to smithereens. Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron lead an all star cast in this exciting new movie. This film is bonkers, explosive, over the top and violent and one of its most appealing aspects is the cars that are used.

This is what cars might look like in a post-apocalyptic world. Expect a two hour long epic car chase scene. Tom Hardy said in an interview the film tried to ‘push the boundary of what is possible with cars and with physical performance.’ What more could a car enthusiast want?

Image credit - AutoEvolution

Most of the cars in the film are vintage, to add to its charm and authenticity. Around 150 vehicles were used in the making of the film, and not many survived the apocalypse. The film’s head production designer, Colin Gibson said ‘When you have 80 cars flying at 80-km per hour, occasionally you have some that don’t keep up. We destroyed more than half of those in the actual making of the film.’ Helicopters and drones were used to film lots of the high speed chase shots and all of the stunts were real, which is refreshing.

In the latest installment Mad Max can still be seen driving his black 1974 XB Ford Falcon Coupe, which was an iconic part of previous films.  This car has numerous impressive weapons added to it. Charlize Theron gets to drive Furiosa’s War Rig in the movie. She’s known to be a pretty tough and athletic woman, and her performance in this film is no exception. Gibson says ‘She didn’t always have to be responsible for driving it, particularly when it was going over 80 km per hour, but she most certainly did drive it.’

Image credit - Movieweb

A classic Mercedes limousine also features in the film. It’s called The People Eater's Mercedes Limousine. Like most cars in the film, it doesn’t survive very long. The Doofwagon is also a key vehicle in the film, it’s a huge four axle truck. Two 1959 cadillacs are made into one to create the badass Giga Horse vehicle. Other vehicles to feature in the film include a Chevrolet coupe, Yamaha motorbikes, Ford F250 tow truck and a 1932 Chevy five-window coupe.

Mad Max is out in cinemas now, and if you like cars or explosions you should get a slice of the action.