Looking After Your Lease Car In Winter

posted on Oct 10 2014 by Kiri Nowak

Looking After Your Lease Car In Winter

Winter brings a variety of challenges for drivers. Driving conditions deteriorate and performing routine checks on your car becomes even more important. If you have a lease car then you will want to keep it in good condition throughout the winter. That means being sensible and protecting your car during the winter months. Here are a few tips to help your lease car survive the winter.

Park in a garage

Where you park your car in the winter is very important. If you can park it in a garage then it will be protected from the elements and less likely to get damaged. If this is not possible then get a winter cover for your car to protect it from the wind, snow and hail. Don’t park your car in an area where it is likely to get stuck in the snow or under any trees as branches could fall off and hit your car during windy days.

Breakdown cover

Make sure you have breakdown cover, the last thing you want is to break down in the freezing cold with no assistance. It’s also useful to be able to get someone out to get your car fixed rather than leaving issues for too long which can damage your car.

Keep your windscreen clean

Don’t let dirt and debris build up on your windscreen. This will prevent the dirt from scratching the glass and also ensure you have good visibility when driving throughout the winter. Top up your windscreen wash regularly and always have some spare in your car in case you run out. Check your windscreen wipers and clear away excess snow and ice or they may break when you turn them on.

Check headlights

Keep an eye on your headlights, check the bulbs are working and they aren’t cracked. Try and clean them on a regular basis, if they get too dirty the quality of light will be affected. If a light bulb goes get it replaced immediately, being able to see while driving and ensuring other cars see you on dark winter evenings is extremely important.

Check your tyres

Tyre grip is especially important in the winter when the roads can get really icy. Check the tyres on your lease car to make sure they have the legal amount of tread and whether or not they need more air. If a tyre needs replacing on your lease car you may be required to replace it with a specific tyre so it’s worth checking your lease contract or consulting your manufacturer.

Allow time to prepare your car for driving

During the winter you need to allow a little more time to get your car ready before going out. Bare in mind that it may take you five to ten minutes to prepare your car, especially if there has been heavy snow. On really icy mornings you may need to turn your car on for a few minutes and clear the windscreen and windows before setting off.

Removing snow and ice from your car

Take care when clearing snow and ice from your windscreen and windows. Use quality products such as an ice scraper and de-icer. Using anything you can find such as a credit card to scrape away ice can scratch your windows and windscreen. Never pour boiling or very hot water on your windscreen to try and melt ice and snow. It can freeze almost instantly and cause cracks in the glass. You may also want to have a shovel handy to clear away heavy snow from around your car.

Is your car due a service?

If you have a lease car then you will need to get it serviced regularly. If it is due a service get it done before the winter sets in. Then you can get any issues fixed before driving it in the winter weather conditions.

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