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Long Distance Driving: Keeping You Safe and Entertained!

posted on Nov 19 2013 by Jade Hensby

Long Distance Driving: Keeping You Safe and Entertained!

Have you got a short break coming up, but have to drive there? Perhaps you have a business meeting and have to travel for it? Whatever the reason we should all be able to enjoy the drive no matter how long it takes us. We Brits can become more stressed when driving long distance, or for long periods of time so lets take it back to basics and enjoy the road ahead. Follow these top tips and youll be sure to enjoy every moment of it.

  • Check your car: As always, before you set off on your journey make sure your car is in tip top condition. Checks should include: tire tread depth, tire pressure and engine/brake oil condition. You should also check your lights, signals, wiper blades, horn and radio. Our final suggestion would be to check your spare tire, making sure that it is still in usable condition.

  • Prepare an emergency kit: Some of you may already carry one with you, but just in case the emergency kit should include the car manual, flashlight, extra batteries, a reflective triangle, basic tools and a first aid kit.

  • Sleep: This one is for you! Before you set out on a long journey make sure youve had enough sleep and are well rested.

  • Car friendly items: It seems a little boring, but making sure you have easy access to a trash bag is helpful. Remember to also bring your hands-free kit to prevent from getting distracted whilst you drive. If you or your passengers are prone to car sickness be sure to pack medicine!

  • Food: Of course you can stop at service stations along the way, and it is advised that you stop for tiredness breaks but this can become costly if you are buying food. Packing your own food and bringing along water/drinks means that you can keep your blood sugar down and avoid foods that make your bloated/tired which can affect your driving.  The Telegraph have put together an interesting article detailing alternatives to motorway service stations - just of the motorways.

  • Take breaks: As mentioned above, be sure to take if you are feeling tired. Even a five minute break can make a huge difference. As a general rule you should stop for a break every two hours.

  • Music: by listening to your favourite music, you wont have to worry about radio stations or the pesky radio adverts that get on our nerves after the fifth repeat. It also helps to keep you awake and energized whilst driving.

So there you have it, our top tips on long distance driving, staying safe but having fun. Remember that your safety and others around you is always the main priority so if you feel you cant manage the long journey then use other convenient means of travel!