The London Motor Show - 16th-19th May 2019

posted on May 08 2019 by Teresa Short

The London Motor Show - 16th-19th May 2019

The yearly London Motor and Tech Show is coming up for next weekend: Thursday 16th - Sunday 19th May 2019. 

The show this year will be held at Excel London, Royal Victoria Dock. 


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Manufacturers showcase their latest model of cars all in one place, so if you're on the lookout for your next car, this show wouldn't be a bad place to start! 

Speak to the experts there, and have a look around the cars on offer. Big and small models alike; from BMW to Ford to Land Rover, so you're sure to discover something to tickle your fancy. Also showcasing are supercars: Bugattis, Lambos, Aston Martins, Ferraris - you name it!


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If you're interested in electric and hybrid, this would be an excellent place to discover more, as the experts on electric/hybrid can discuss with you the realities of owning an electric car, along with discovering all the latest technology involved in 'green driving'.

Entertainment for the day comes in the form of a live arena - with stunt driving spectacles, drift taxis, and a motor show parade. To boot, there is also a BIG arena - full of Monster Trucks, American Giants, and bespoke modified motors. 


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Hear from the experts doing talks and discussions on the motor industry, and see some of your fave celebs from the motor industry. More info here:

If a Thursday or Friday visit is a go-er, see this fab deal for buy one get one free ticket entry!!  - just apply the code BOGOF, and get two people into the show for the price of one.

...And once you've had a great time at the show, decided on a model or two, come back to us so we can find you the best deal around on your chosen model!


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