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Law banning the use of a mobile phone ignored by motorists.

posted on Sep 28 2016 by Keith Langford

Law banning the use of a mobile phone ignored by motorists.

The law banning the use of a mobile phone whilst driving has been extensively ignored by a large number of motorists. Take a drive on any road in the UK and it won't be long before you observe drivers of both sexes furtively clutching their right ears whilst nonchalantly driving with one hand.

The government, in an attempt to force drivers to stop using their phones whilst driving, increased the penalties to a £60 fine and three penalty points. Yet despite these stiffer penalties, drivers are continuing to ignore the ban in significant numbers. Seasonal advice - Blowing in the Wind - Cyclists could soon be overtaking motorist or at least keeping up with them thanks to a new device being sold in the USA. Known as the ThrustPac it blows the user along using a large propeller attached to a motor on a backpack. Weighing only 9Kg, the ThrustPac enables cyclist to attain speeds of up to 35mph.

The power is controlled using a special glove attached by wire to the power unit. A cyclist merely bends his or her finger to accelerate or straightens it to slow down. The cost of the ThrustPac in the US is around £1,000. Nice one Maurice! - Dutchman's bright idea has far reaching effects In 1949 racing fanatic,

Maurice Gatsonides from Holland loved racing cars so much that he decided to build his own Fiat-powered sports car. The car he nick-named Flatje or Flatty set a lap record for a 1.5-litre model of 63.7mph at Holland's Zandvoort race track. He became so obsessed about split-second lap times that he designed and built an electronic timer for motor sport events. At the time he would never have guessed that his invention would later become the bane of motorists' lives - the Gatso speed camera.